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The 20 Most Interesting, Scary, & Outrageous Things I Learned from My Facebook Data

MIB candidate Brian Larson examines the findings from his Facebook data, in a piece for Medium.

As part of a class called, “Privacy in the Digital Age,” my classmates and I were given the option to write a memo based on an analysis of our individual Facebook data. We were tasked with not only sifting through all the metadata, but analyzing the interesting, scary, and sometimes outrageous data Facebook has on us. I’ve listed, in no particular order, my 20 top “findings” available from this data trove. I hope that these findings remind us that our digital footprint can really paint a good, albeit distorted, picture of us, the end-users. For reasons that will become clear, I urge everyone to download their individual data sets and understand the data available to Facebook to “profile” you, the user, and to 3rd party applications or “partners” of Facebook.

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