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Thank you for your interest in the Global Master of Arts Program at The Fletcher School! We look forward to receiving your application. 

We request that all candidates apply using the online application below. 

Please note: Application materials and supporting documents become the confidential property of The Fletcher School and are not returnable. We suggest that for your own records, you retain a copy of the application and make a copy of documents that are not confidential. 

Apply Now

Application Process

The successful GMAP candidate should possess the following:

  • Minimum of eight years professional experience
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • General proficiency in a second language
  • Desire and ability to engage in a multi-disciplinary international affairs curriculum 

The GMAP Committee on Admissions and Scholarships, comprised of Fletcher faculty and administration, offers rolling admissions and meets at least once a month to review applications and make admissions decisions. Applicants who apply before the 1st day of a month will be notified of their admissions decision by the end of that month.

Applications to start in August are typically reviewed between September and July.  Applications to start in January as a Midyear student are typically reviewed between August and December. 

The GMAP admissions team will acknowledge receipt of your application materials and inform you of any incomplete requirements via e-mail.  Applying as early as possible increases an applicant's chances of enrolling in the class session of his or her choice. 

    Application Deadlines
    GMAP Class Classes Start Admissions Cycle Final Application Deadline Primary Scholarship Deadline Secondary Scholarship  Deadline
    Midyear Class of 2020 January 2020 Rolling admissions with monthly reviews, from August  – December 2019. Application goes live in July. December 1, 2019 *August 1, 2019

    *October 1, 2019

    *After the priority deadline for scholarship consideration passes, the committee will continue to review scholarship applications pending funding availability, and will offer aid awards to candidates on a rolling basis until scholarship funding is depleted. 

    Application Checklist

    Applicants to GMAP must submit the following:

    • GMAP Application for Admission
    • Essay Responses
    • Résumé or CV
    • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • Official Academic Transcripts 
    • $80 Application Fee
    • Letter of Understanding from Employer (if applicable)
    • GMAP Scholarship Application (if applicable)
    • GRE/GMAT not required

    The GMAP Admissions Team encourages prospective students to schedule phone or Skype calls with the team at any point during the application process.  Moreover, prospective students visiting or residing in the Boston area are welcome to visit Fletcher and interview in person.  The GMAP Admissions Committee may also request an initial or additional Skype interview with an applicant after they have submitted their full application for admission to the program.

    Reapplication and Deferral Policies


    Admitted students wishing to defer admission to The Fletcher School must submit a written request to the GMAP Committee on Admissions and Scholarships. Deferrals are granted on a case-by-case basis, normally for no more than one academic year. If a deferral is granted, a $2,500 deferral deposit is required. This deposit is applied to the following year's first term tuition payment.


    Successful applicants who have not been able to accept a previous offer of admission, or applicants who were not offered admission, may reapply within a period of three years by submitting the items listed below.

    • GMAP Application form
    • Reapplication fee ($80)
    • One additional letter of recommendation
    • Updated Resume/CV
    • New responses to essay questions
    • New academic transcripts (if applicable)
    • Scholarship Aid Application (if applicable)

    Every year, some individuals previously denied admissions are successful in the reapplication process. If your previous application was submitted more than three years ago, you must submit a new full application. Please contact the GMAP Office for further information about the deferral and reapplication process.