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What degree programs does Fletcher offer?

Fletcher offers 10 degree programs:

  • Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD): A two-year, highly flexible, interdisciplinary, professional degree in international affairs.
  • Master in Global Affairs (MGA): A sixteen-month degree program focused on skill building and professional development.
  • Master of International Business (MIB): A two-year hybrid international business, international affairs degree program.
  • Master of Arts (MA): A one-year degree program designed for mid-career or senior level professionals with eight or more years of professional experience.
  • Master of Laws (LLM): A one-year program in international law for professionals practicing law or for those eligible to practice law.
  • Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs (MATA): A two-year joint degree program with the College of Europe for students interested in the opportunity to study on both sides of the Atlantic. The two-year program consists of one year of study at both The Fletcher School and The College of Europe, including a high-level internship as part of the curriculum.
  • Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance (MAHA): A one-year joint degree offered by The Fletcher School and the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, geared toward mid-career professionals with significant field experience in humanitarian assistance. Candidates apply through the Friedman School.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): An interdisciplinary, advanced study of international affairs.
  • Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP): A twelve month program designed for mid-career or senior level professionals with eight or more years of professional experience. Courses are conducted through a combination of Internet-mediated instruction and three two-week residencies.
  • Master of Global Business Administration (GBA): Designed for early- to mid-career professionals, this degree allows students to engage with business and international affairs faculty, and each other, through live and recorded class sessions.
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Public Policy (MS): Offered jointly by The Fletcher School and the Department of Computer Science in the School of Engineering, this program marries technology and policy with a focus on international issues and responses, including a wide range of in-depth cybersecurity policy focus areas that range from development to national security.
What is the faculty to student ratio?


What is the average class size?


Can I attend Fletcher part-time?

The MALD, MA, MIB, LLM, MATA, MAHA, and PhD programs are all full-time, residential programs. GMAP is designed so that students can continue working while pursuing their degree. The MS in Cybersecurity and Public Policy (CSSP) allows students to attend part-time; the degree must be completed within four years of matriculation. The GBA and MGA can also be completed on a part-time basis, over a period of 16-24 months for the GBA, and a maximum of 28 months for the MGA.

Part-time MGA students need to take a minimum of 2 full-credit classes (6 SHUs) per term, including during two summer terms. International students must pursue the program on a full-time basis to maintain their immigration status. Students must select the full-time or the part-time option during the admissions process. Once enrolling on a part- or full-time basis, students cannot change their enrollment status unless there are compelling circumstances. The maximum time to complete the MGA degree part time is 28 months. Students who are enrolled on a part-time basis will not be permitted to audit any courses. Part-time students should be aware that most classes at Fletcher take place during working hours.  

Does Fletcher maintain any joint degree programs?

Fletcher currently offers the following formal joint or dual degree programs:

  • MALD/JD - Harvard Law School, Harvard University
  • MALD/JD - University of California, Berkeley School of Law
  • MALD/MBA - Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College
  • MALD/MBA - HEC MBA Program, HEC School of Management (Paris, France)
  • MALD/MBA - Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain)
  • MALD/MBA - China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) (Shanghai, China)
  • MALD/MAIS - Diplomatische Akademie Wien & - Vienna School of International Studies (Vienna, Austria)
  • MALD/MIA - University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • MALD/MA - Department of Urban and Environmental Policy, Tufts University
  • MALD/MS - Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University
  • MALD/MA or BA - Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Tufts University
  • MALD/MS - School of Engineering, Tufts University
  • MA/MD - School of Medicine, Tufts University
  • MA/DVM - Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University
  • MS in Cybersecurity and Public Policy - School of Engineering (Department of Computer Science), Tufts University
  • LL.M./MIL - University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

MIB degree candidates may pursue a joint degree with a law school or other non-business school. LLM degree candidates may pursue a joint degree with the MALD requiring five semesters of study.

All students interested in joint degree programs must apply to The Fletcher School and the partner institution separately. Each school/department will admit students according to their own policies and qualifications. Financial aid will be determined by the school in which the student is registered.

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Can I pursue a joint degree if the other program and Fletcher have no official relationship?

Yes. In addition to the formal dual degree programs offered by Fletcher, students may design their own dual degrees programs with other professional schools (such as law or business school) or academic programs. Students interested in an ad-hoc dual degree program should apply separately to both institutions and consult with each school after admission to arrange a program of study.

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What are the differentiating characteristics of Fletcher's degree programs?

Please see the compare programs page for descriptions and comparisons of the various degree programs available at Fletcher.