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The MIB program is particularly well-positioned to benefit from the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC), under which the program is housed, and the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises(CEME), a robust center with programming around four different topic areas. A full agenda of speakers, multiple student research assistantships, and external consulting projects ensure that these centers have ample opportunity to engage students throughout the year.

Learn about all the opportunities for students to get involved with IBGC.

Research centers at Fletcher are not only a hub of research, but also consulting engagements, speakers, and conferences, all of which provide opportunities for students to build their professional networks and knowledge around particular areas of interest. The centers are typically run by faculty members and engage students as research assistants, grant writers, and conference organizers, among other functions.

A full list of research centers spans geographical and topical interests, but those most relevant to the MIB include: