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GMAP provides every student with a curriculum of the highest academic rigor. Every aspect of GMAP has been designed to help participants gain a 360-degree perspective on international affairs. This applies to all facets of the program, from its curriculum and faculty to its class makeup and emphasis on team collaboration.


Most degree programs are strictly discipline focused, unlike most international careers. GMAP, like the broader Fletcher curriculum from which it is derived, recognizes that the cultural, historical and environmental forces that shape international affairs are deeply connected. The GMAP curriculum includes all aspects of international affairs that leaders in any discipline must master. It sets students at the nexus of international affairs, business, law, and development. All GMAP students enroll in the same eleven core courses on the same schedule throughout their year of study. Additionally, students complete a master's capstone project.

Fall Term:
GMA B200: Corporate Finance and Global Financial Markets (1.5 credits)
GMA P290: The Cyber World (1.5 credits)
GMA D220: International Negotiation and Leadership (3 credits) 
GMA P202: Global Politics (3 credits) 

Spring Term: 
GMA E220: International Trade (3 credits) 
GMA E230: Global Macroeconomics (1.5 credits) 
GMA P215: Global Environmental Diplomacy (1.5 credits) 
GMA P240: Global Security and Crisis Management (3 credits) 

Summer Term: 
GMA D212: Global Leadership (1.5 credits)
GMA L220: Global Governance: Political Affairs (1.5 credits)
GMA L240: Global Governance: Economic Affairs (1.5 credits)
GMA P217: Poverty and Development (1.5 credits)

Master's Capstone Project