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GMAP is designed to be completed in 12 months. Students either begin in August with an initial residency at The Fletcher School, or begin in January as a Midyear student with an initial residency at an international location.

The GMAP Year is divided into three academic terms. Each of these terms involves a two-week residency and 11 weeks of internet-mediated instruction. The fall and spring terms begin with a residency and are followed by internet-mediated instruction. The summer term begins with internet-mediated instruction and ends with a residency that culminates in a graduation ceremony. All students complete three 2-week residencies; two of them held at The Fletcher School (July and August residencies) and one held at an international location (January residency). The balance of the program is conducted through internet-mediated instruction, from the same professors who teach traditional courses on-site at Fletcher.

Graphic of the GMAP Cycle

Residencies: Intensive classroom experiences that provide the foundation for building teams and friendships.

Three two-week residency sessions are the core of the GMAP year. Each GMAP course begins with face-to-face sessions with the faculty. Students also engage with classmates and hear the many perspectives that will shape the discussions in the weeks to come.

August Residency: Start lectures and coursework for Fall Term. Held on campus at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. View a sample August residency schedule.

January Residency: Start lectures and coursework for Spring and Summer Terms. Held at an international location (see list below). During the January International Residency, in addition to attending their regular lectures, students will also have the opportunity to connect with Fletcher alumni and learn from local experts, politicians and thought-leaders. Furthermore, GMAP hosts an alumni weekend during the international residencies so as to offer our alumni community the opportunity to meet and interact with one another and the new class, as well as continue their learning through educational seminars. View a sample January international residency schedule.

July Residency: Complete Summer Term lectures and coursework; Complete and Defend Capstone Project. Graduation Ceremony. Held on campus at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. View a sample July residency schedule.

Thus far, GMAP has hosted international residencies in the following cities:

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Avila, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hanoi, Vietnam
Lisbon, Portugal
London, United Kingdom

Mexico City, Mexico
Nicosia, Cyprus
Ottawa, Canada
Rome, Italy
San Jose, Costa Rica
The Hague, The Netherlands
Tallinn, Estonia
Valletta, Malta


After attending the in-person residencies, GMAP students continue their coursework and learning on our innovative online learning platform that combines asynchronous lectures with interactive discussion threads.

In short, this intuitive platform offers GMAP students the ability to continue learning together from any location and time zone.

During the internet-mediated studies portion of the academic year, students will be engaging daily with the online learning management system in order to access course readings, recorded lectures, assignments, Tufts University library databases, and the discussion boards.  Students are also able to download course materials and lectures (both video and audio options) for easy offline accessibility.

These discussion boards allow students and professors to continue the conversation and learning that began during the residencies. The platform was designed to facilitate these discussions, and bring the GMAP and Fletcher experience to students wherever they are based.

The beauty of these discussions boards is that it broadens the classroom experience beyond the 80-minute classroom time. Discussions go on for a week – and this gives students the time to think and digest the discussion. Introverts thrive, and international students for whom English is not a first language are able to better follow and contribute in the discussions.

GMAP's busy, mid-career students have different technology needs than on-campus students. To meet these needs, the program has dedicated technology staff just for GMAP students. During the residencies,the GMAP tech support staff help students master the technology skills necessary to complete the program: from helping students with setting up their MacBook Air laptop (included in program cost) to explaining the functionalities of the online learning platform. And throughout the program, the tech staff provide support as needed. The GMAP tech team is dedicated to taking care of students' technology needs, so they can focus on getting the most out of the GMAP year.

Preview a GMAP online lecture

You can experience one of GMAP's online recorded lectures, by watching the video below that features a portion of Dean Deborah Winslow Nutter's lecture on Woodrow Wilson from her Foreign Policy Leadership course.

Academic Calendars

August 2020 Start with the Class of 2021
Initial residency August 3-14, 2020 (virtual due to COVID-19)

January 2021 Start with the Midyear Class of 2021
Initial residency January 4-16, 2021 (virtual due to COVID-19)

Midyear student shares her GMAP experience