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The huge landmass that comprises Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus is approached from multiple directions in the Fletcher curriculum. Fletcher offers courses on the foreign policy, geopolitics, religion, and security of a region torn apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Students obtain knowledge about regional trends; social, political, and economic processes between and within post-Soviet nations; as well as their relations with the United States and European Union. Learn more about the self-designed Russia and Eurasia field of study and the Russia and Eurasia Program at Fletcher. Outside the classroom, the Fletcher Eurasia Club focuses on the area.

Recent Capstones
  • "Access to Credit and Development: The Role of Credit in On-Farm Water Management and High-Value Agricultural Practices in Armenia"
  • "American Nuclear Exceptionalism: Ukrainian, Indian, and North Korean Fundamental Nuclearization Drivers" 
  • "Authority at the Fullness of War: The Constitution and the First Use of Nuclear Weapons" 
  • "Azerbaijan and Kuwait: The Role of Oil in Dynasticism, Democracy, and Development"
  • "Beyond the Near Abroad: The Origins of Moscow's Wars in Afghanistan and Syria"

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Alumni Clubs

Club Leader: Arusyak Mirzakhanyan (F04)

Club Leader: Vugar Sadig (F05)

Club Leader: Zviad Adzinbaia (F18)

Club Leader: Gaukhar Nurgalieva (F14)

Club Leader: Olena Tregub (F13)