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The huge land mass that comprises Russia and Central Asia is approached from several geographic directions in the Fletcher curriculum. Russia issues are included in courses such as The Historian's Art and Current Affairs; Eurasia: Geopolitics, Religion, and Security; and Strategic Rivalry or Strategic Responsibility: The U.S. and Russia in the Key Euro-Atlantic and Asia-Pacific Regions. Central Asia is one of the regions captured by the Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization field of study, including courses such as Southwest Asia: History, Culture, and Politics; and The Globalization of Central Asia and the Caucasus; as well as from the east in the class China's Frontiers. Learn more about the Russia and Eurasia Program's self-designed field of study.

Outside the classroom, the Fletcher Eurasia Club focuses on the area.

Recent Capstones
  • "Democracy and Human Rights in Bhutan: The Expense of Identity Formation and Transition to Democracy in the Last Shangri La"
  • "An Econometric Impact Evaluation of the Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative in Nepal"
  • "Re-nationalization of the Oil and Gas Industry Under Vladimir Putin and How His Administration's Policies Affected Output in the Industry and Overall Economic Development"
  • "Why Export Gas To Europe? A Comparative Analysis of Qatar and Russia's Perspective On Gas Markets' Dynamics."
  • "Exporting the AKP: Turkey as an emerging donor of development aid in Bosnia-Herzogovina and beyond"
  • "Taming the Frontier: Pakistan's Counterinsurgency Campaign"
  • "The Time to Act is Now: Arctic Fisheries Management in the 21st Century"
  • "Talking with the Taliban: The Importance of Timing to Negotiations in Afghanistan"
  • "Mongolia's Third Neighbor Policy: A Historical Case Study"
  • "Between the Poles of Polish Memory: Diverging Narratives of Exile in the Soviet Union"
  • "An Analysis of Uterine Prolapse in Nepal and Opportunities for a Comprehensive Policy Response"
  • "Struggle in the Black Garden: Problematizing Refugee and Internally Displaced Populations Within the Nagorno-Karabakh Context"
  • "Untapped: Russia's Arctic Oil and Gas Technology Gap"
  • "The Efficacy of US Drone Warfare in Pakistan: The Long View"
  • "Privatization of the Electricity Distribution Companies in Turkey"
  • "The Effects of Corruption and Arms Imports on FDI: The Case of Turkey"
Alumni Clubs

Club Leader: Arusyak Mirzakhanyan (F04)

Club Leader: Gaukhar Nurgalieva (F14)

Club Leader: Olena Tregub (F13)