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Migration, business, and economic development are only three of the lenses through which students may focus on Latin America and the Caribbean at Fletcher. With classes including Macroeconomic Problems of Middle Income Countries: Focus on Latin America; Migration and Transnationalism in Latin America; Democracy and State Reform in Latin America; and Political Economy and Business Context of Latin America, students are easily able to weave regional study into their individual curriculum.

Additionally, several Fletcher professors have their own research focused on the Latin American region. Professor Katrina Burgess, for example, conducts research on migration and financial remittances in South and Central America.

Extracurricular activities also foster understanding of the region. The Institute for Business in the Global Context has conducted research on the region, including a report on business in "BRIC" nations. The Latin America group is popular annually, and gathers for both social events and for discussion of regional issues.

Recent Capstones
  • "South-South Technology Cooperation: The Case of Brazil and China's Wind Industry"
  • "Challenging Social Norms in Colombia: The Missing Piece in the Fight Against Intimate Partner Violence"
  • "Progress, Opportunity, Prosperity? A Case Study of the Digitization of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Mexico"
  • "A Qualitative Victim-Centered Approach to Enforced Disappearance in Colombia"
  • "How to Improve the Educational Environment of Bilingual Education in Central America"
  • "Business Training Curriculum and Microfinance Impact Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Peru"
  • "Soy Intensification and Child Mortality in Argentina"
  • "Drivers of Conflict Around Hydropower Development in the Brazilian Amazon"
  • "Jamaica's Path to Development Through Sustainable Affordable Access to Energy: A Few Policy Decisions Away"
  • "Development of Domestic Bond Markets: A Comparison of Select East Asian and Latin American Countries"
  • "Private Shoes for Public Benefit: Evaluating a Reintegration Program in Colombia"
  • "Unaccompanied Minors, Violence, and the State: Insecurity as a Key Cause of Child Migration from the Northern Triangle and the Role of the State in Honduras"
  • "The Road Ahead for Asia & Latin America and the Caribbean: Outlook for Trade in Energy and Minerals"
  • "Launching Mobile Financial Services in Haiti"
  • "Alegria, Alegria: The Bittersweet Nature of Joy in Brazil"
  • "The Internationalization of the Brazilian Sugarcane Ethanol Industry"
  • "Do Tax Incentives Affect Investment?: The Effect of Sector-Specific Tax Incentives on Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil"
  • "Mexico's Energy Reform: A Lifesaver for a Drowning Industry"
  • "Certification of Origin for Chocolate Products: An Analysis of the Ecuadorian Arriba Cocoa Bean"
Alumni Clubs

Club Leader: Luis Rosales (F98)


Club Leaders: Enrique Ortiz (F90)Holly Loomis (F17)

São Paulo
Club Leaders: Paulo Bilyk (F92)Alberto Pfeifer (F02)

Club Leaders: German Olave (F97)Andres Montero (F85)

Club Leader: Stella Cuevas (F95)

Costa Rica
Club Leader: Mariano Batalla (F11)

Club Leader: Genevieve Abraham (F11)

Club Leader: Amy Patanasinth (F12)

Club Leaders: Gustavo E. Aceves Rivera (F12), Enrique Alanis (F12)

Club Leader: Ana Paula Martinez (F17)

Club Leader: Heidi Sumser (F08)