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The curricular link at Fletcher to the East Asia region is the Pacific Asia field of study. With a great number of students from the region and additional students interested in it, there are annually at least three student organizations linked to the area: the Japan Club, the Asia Club, and the Fletcher China Studies Society. The Institute for Business in the Global Context has conducted research on the region, including a report on business in "BRIC" nations. And conferences are organized in many years either by the student groups or by members of the faculty. Read about the most recent conference on East Asian Security and the challenges for U.S. Policy and the region.

In addition, there are several options for students who wish to take a semester to study in East Asia, including China Europe International Business School, Shanghai and Yonsei University – Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Korea.

Recent Capstones
  • "South-South Technology Cooperation: The Case of Brazil and China's Wind Industry"
  • "The "Unfreedom" of Abundant Freedoms: Re-defections to North Korea Due to the "Unclaimability" of Rights in the South"
  • "The prospect of electric power market deregulation in Japan"
  • "The China Risk Index: A CAPM-Based Approach to Evaluating China Exposure 2004-2013"
  • "Briefing on how Historical Culture Values have Affected Economic Development in Vietnam: Implications for Japan's Strategic Partnership with Vietnam"
  • "Resolving the Dispute between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea: Mutual Gains and Valuing Environmental Goods"
  • "The Exit Option as Indicator of Financial Development: An Examination of East Asia & Pacific Private Equity-Backed Exits"
  • "The Youth in Taiwan: Taiwanese Culture and Implications for U.S. Policy"
  • "The Evolution of Chinese Bond Market: Return and Risk Analysis"
  • "Development of Domestic Bond Markets: A Comparison of Select East Asian and Latin American Countries"
  • "Financial Integration in East Asia"
  • "Legal & Other Key Strategic Considerations for Inbound Investments in the Chinese Healthcare Industry"
  • "The Linchpin and the Cornerstone of the U.S. Pivot to Asia: The Republic of Korea and Japan in the Era of China's Rise and a Nuclear North Korea"
  • "China's Rise and the US-ROK Alliance under the US-China Strategic Rivalry in Asia"
  • "Reformation of Japan’s Crisis Management System Based on the Experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Disaster"
  • "Evolution of the U.S.-ROK Alliance"
  • "Tweeting to Universal Suffrage? Assessing the Significance of Twitter Networks in the 2014 Hong Kong Protests"
  • "JFK, LBJ, AND TWO AMBASSADORS—United States Policy toward Japan in the 1960s"
  • "China, India, and the Palermo Protocol: Consent, Compliance and the Influence of International Law on Domestic Policy"
Alumni Clubs


Club Leader: Sarwar Sultana (F98)


Club Leader: Jasmine Barrett (F12)

Club Leader: Jay Dong F00

Hong Kong
Club Leaders: Deidre Lo (F90)Annin Peck (F17)Marcela Prieto-Millan (F05)

South Korea

Club Leader: Sukhee Han (F94)


Club Leader: Mariko Noda (F90)

Club Leader: Paul Hsu (F65)