Fletcher Around the World

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Fletcher's curriculum is oriented toward providing students with the expertise they need for global careers. Although most Fletcher fields of study are organized around functional themes, the school also supports regional interests through coursework, comparative case studies, faculty and student research, and international internships. Students may choose to focus on a specific geographic region by taking courses with regional relevance, by focusing their capstone project on a region, or by self-designing a regionally-focused field of study.

Many Fletcher courses, while organized along functional lines, have substantial content in a particular region. Thus, students often blend functional and regional interests by focusing on areas such as mobile banking in Sub-Saharan Africa. Finally, internships offer an excellent opportunity to develop regional as well as functional expertise. The following section highlights Fletcher’s footprint in various regions around the world.

Examples of how our students, faculty and alumni are engaged in regions around the globe:

  • Students come from more than 70 countries.
  • Fletcher alumni clubs are active in 70 countries around the world.
  • Students pursue summer internships in 50+ countries each year.
  • Students join and create clubs and organizations with a regional focus.
  • Alumni remain engaged with the school through regional advisory groups.
  • Many students pursue country or region-specific capstone projects.
  • Many Fletcher courses are focused on specific regions.
  • Our faculty members conduct regionally-focused research.
  • A wide range of regionally-focused events take place on and off-campus annually.