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About The Field

International Law has been one of the key subjects studied at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy since the founding of the School. This has never meant that economic, political (including military), social and other aspects of international affairs are neglected, but that the play of various policies in the international legal order is seen as a significant part of international affairs. The basic course for the field is the course in Public International Law. Admission to that course requires the prior completion of the Fletcher course in the International Legal Order. To complete the field, a student may take one of a wide variety of courses focusing on the structure of international organizations, trade, dispute resolution, human rights, international legal history, or other aspects of the international legal order as they affect current affairs.

Students should refer to the Registrar's Field of Study Guide for definitive field requirements in a given academic year.

Current Students and Alumni

Kashpee Wahid

Legal Adviser to Pacific Island Countries on Cybercrime Law Reform, Attorney General's Department - Canberra, Australia
Master of Laws in International Law (LL.M.)
Class Year: 2016

Akira Otaki

Immigration Officer, Ministry of Justice - Tokyo, Japan
Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD)
Class Year: 2017

Outside the Classroom

  • Panel Discussion: Rule of Law & Transitional Justice Challenges in Post-Conflict States
  • Local Approaches to Transitional Justice
  • Book Talk with Karen Alter
  • Book Talk with Prof. Michael Glennon
  • International Law Society Lecture: Prof. Gian-Luca Burci on International Health Regulations and Global Governance in Questions of Public Health
  • International Law Society Lecture: BRICs as a Global Legal Actor - From Regulatory Innovation to BRICs Law?
  • View from the Ground: International Criminal Law, Transitional Justice, and Survivor Advocacy in Rwanda
  • Engaging Non-State Armed Groups on the Law of Armed Conflict: An operational perspective
  • Fixing the Balance Between the Executive and Legislative Branches
  • Open Society Institute - Washington, DC
  • UNHCR - Conakry, Guinea
  • UNDP - Amman, Jordan
  • University of Namibia Law School - Windhoek, Namibia
  • International Justice Mission - Washington, DC
  • Greater Boston Legal Services - Boston, MA
  • Chatham LLC - Minneapolis, MN
  • ILO Cairo Decent Work Team - Cairo, Egypt
  • UN Secretariat - New York City, NY
  • "Acculturation of Non-Democratic States in International Human Rights Regimes: A Case Study of Non-Democratic Muslim Countries"
  • "China, India, and the Palermo Protocol: Consent, Compliance and the Influence of International Law on Domestic Policy"
  • "The National Security Leaker and Criminal Liability Under the Espionage Act of 1917"
  • "Calling an International Law Bluff: Developing and Analyzing Legal Arguments For and Against the International Criminal Court's Jurisdiction over Non-Party Nationals"
  • "Crafting Victim Sensitive International Law: Victim Assistance in the Convention of Cluster Munitions"
  • "The Evolution of the Definition of Protected Groups in the Crime of Genocide"
  • "Paving the Way for Protection: Consolidating and Redefining Human Rights Standards for Persons Facing Deportation"
  • "U.S. Foreign Policy Response to the 2009 Honduran Political Crisis"
  • "Resuscitating 'the Forgotten Sector in a Forgotten State': Catalyzing Improved Health Outcomes in Guinea-Bissau through the Millennium Development Goals"
  • "Defining Corruption: A Comparison of the Substantive Criminal Law of Public Corruption in the United States and the United Kingdom"
  • "Distributional and Welfare Effects of Including Corn into NAFTA and the Social, Economic, Political and International Repercussions for Mexico"
  • "The Right to a Fair Trial in States of Emergencies: Non-Derogable Aspects of Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights"
  • "Farm Animal Welfare and WTO Law: Assessing the Legality of Policy Measures"
Student Groups
  • ASEAN Society
  • International Law Society
  • Fletcher United Nations Club
  • European Affairs Society
  • Fletcher Syria Crisis Working Group
  • Fletcher Diplomacy Club
  • Fletcher Humanitarian Action Society
  • Human Rights Project
  • Latin America Group
  • Mediterranean Group
  • South Asia Society
Annotated Curriculum

Meet Michelle:

Pre-Fletcher Experience
Prior to starting at Fletcher, I worked for three years in political polling and consulting in Washington, DC where I provided qualitative and quantitative research to non-profits, advocacy organizations, political campaigns, and corporations. I graduated from Middlebury College in 2011 with a BA in International Studies and a minor in French.

Fields of Study
Public International Law
Human Security

Capstone Topic
Offensive Peacekeeping Mandates and the Protection of Civilians

I'm writing my capstone about robust peacekeeping and protection of civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Post-Fletcher Professional Goals
I hope to work in an NGO or non-profit in human rights advocacy or humanitarian law.

Read about Michelle's curricular path.