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GMA L240: Global Governance: Economic Affairs

Course Description

As globalization has increased due to economic growth and technological change, it has also advanced due to international legal rules that promote globalization. At the same time, globalization has increased the effects of the actions and inactions of one state, and its citizens, on other states, and their citizens. By doing so, globalization has disrupted settled understandings of domestic autonomy, and of the role of international law and international organizations. This course will examine the existing and future relationships between economic globalization on the one hand, and international law and organization, on the other hand.  It will examine these issues in the context of trade, data flows, investment, taxation, finance, and migration, and place them into a broader context.  This course is a companion to the module on Global Governance – Political Affairs. 

Course faculty: Joel P. Trachtman
Course duration: First half
Credits/Units: 1.5