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GMA D210: Leading and Managing Strategically

Course Description

This module explores the global strategic and managerial challenges that decision-makers increasingly face in both public and private sectors. It attempts to reconcile their evolving role and competency requirements with the new global business imperative. In particular, the module aims at benchmarking best practices from the disciplines of strategy, management, and marketing, and transposing them to the field of action of the “new diplomat”. This reengineering of skills constitutes an invitation to challenge established organizational wisdom and to adopt new strategic and managerial orientation with respect to a variety of issues (e.g., planning, strategy formulation, internationalization, decision-making, human resource management, customer and stakeholder satisfaction, innovation, image persuasion, and knowledge management). (Fall Term, half semester) 

Course faculty: Bernard L. Simonin
Course duration: Second half
Credits/Units: 1.5