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EIB E262: The Economics of Global Health and Development

Course Description

This course examines economic aspects of public health issues in developing countries. As such, the course is structured into three parts. Part I illustrates an overview of current status of global health and examines the returns of health to economic development. Part II investigates constraints in demand for health that lead to suboptimal investments into health, including externalities, credit/liquidity constraint, pricing, education, and gender bias and intra-household resource allocation. Part III covers issues related to supply of health: health care delivery, quality of health care, and roles of political economy. Whereas applications to modern health issues include HIV/AIDS, malaria, air pollution, water pollution, worms, anemia, and early childhood health, this course emphasizes statistical tools and research designs used in empirical development economics. Open to students who have completed E201.
Not offered AY 2017-2018, 2018-2019.

Course faculty: Shinsuke Tanaka