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EIB B263M: Marketing Management

Course Description

It is not an overstatement to say that all non-monopolistic companies, NGOs and even government-sponsored organizations live or die by their ability to effectively market their products and services.  In today’s hyper-competitive global markets, organizations that excel at identifying their customers, determining how to meet their interests and needs, and delivering an outstanding experience will be the winners.  


This course will cover six key market functions and responsibilities: 

1.     Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketer

2.     Segmentation:  Identifying and Targeting Your Best Customers

3.     Strategic Social Media:  When, How, What  and with Who

4.     Sales Enablement and Support

5.     Brand Strategy

6.     Delivering a Superior Customer Experience


We will look at marketing issues facing both private and non-profit sector organizations. All the topics in the course will be discussed in an international context, including the unique issues that marketers face in global markets.

Course faculty: Bernard L. Simonin
Course duration: First half
Credits/Units: 1.5