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DHP D241: Climate and Migration

Course Description

This course explores the ways in which people are displaced by the destruction of our environment, the role of financial capitalism in that destruction, and the consequences for climate change and global migration. Through the lens of global supply chains, we explore the connections between economic development and global capitalism, environmental impact, human mobility and climate change. Through case studies we explore different supply chains, and the interaction of their links with the environment, migration, and climate change and consequently, human security and justice. The course provides a perspective on the fast-growing body of research on climate change and migration, and explores the associated challenges of human security and environmental justice. The course explores potential policy responses and technological solutions, including positive interventions in supply chains, and ends with a perspective on pandemics response at the national and international level. Participants will gain an exposure to academic and non-academic literature and case studies from different regions. Flexible course assignments will offer students an opportunity to delve deeper into topics of their interest.