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For Fletcher Students

Fletcher has cross-registration agreements with other Tufts University graduate schools, as well as with Harvard University graduate schools. Fletcher does not have cross-registration agreements with any other universities in the Boston area.

All cross-registered courses must be graduate-level courses. Students may cross-register for up to 25% of their courses while at Fletcher. Please keep in mind that any transferred credits taken prior to enrollment at Fletcher count towards the quarter total. Students are permitted to take no more than the equivalent of 6.0 Fletcher credits at Tufts or Harvard in a given semester.

Watch course overview videos from Fletcher faculty members. 

View full cross-registrations policies on myFletcher.

For Tufts Students/Employees

All cross-registration is done through SIS. Please follow the instructions outlined by the SIS team. Once your petition is submitted, it will need to be approved by both the Fletcher faculty member, the Fletcher Registrar's Office, and Tufts University Student Services Center in Dowling Hall. If you are a Tufts employee, please also be sure to submit a tuition remission application to Dowling Hall.

For Harvard Students

If you are a Harvard cross-registrant, please follow the below outlined steps:

  1. You will first need to gain access to our student information system (SIS) through which students register for courses. Please submit a request to gain access to SIS with this online form if you have not cross-registered into Fletcher before. If you have cross-registered at Fletcher in a prior semester, please jump to step #3.
  2. After submitting a request to gain access to SIS, within 2-3 business days, you should receive two email requests to set up your Tufts username and password.
  3. Once your username and password are finalized, forward to the e-mail from the professor of the class you wish to take that approves your cross-registration. This serves as your cross-registration petition.
  4. At the end of the course registration period, your cross-registration petition will be approved or denied. If approved, the Fletcher Registrar's Office will notify your Harvard Registrar's Office of your approval for cross-registration enrollment in the Fletcher course(s) so they may add them to your Harvard transcript. 
  5. Dropping a Course: Harvard students should send all drop requests via email to both the Fletcher Registrar’s Office ( and their home school Registrar's Office. 
  6. NOTE – LL.M. students at Harvard Law School require prior written approval from the Graduate Program Office in order to cross-register at Fletcher. Before submitting a petition online, please contact with details of the course (course title, semester, meeting days/times, and course description) for which you wish to cross-register.

Canvas - Once your cross-registration enrollment has been processed, you will have access to the Fletcher course's Canvas site (web platform faculty use to post syllabi, assignments, announcements, etc.).  You may request from the professor early access to course material on Canvas while your petition is being reviewed.

myFletcher Platform- Please note, as a cross-registrant, you will not have access to the myFletcher intranet platform. To sign up for office hours with professors, please email your professor individually using their Tufts email address. 

Dates and Deadlines

Cross-registration period ends: February 9, 2021
Fletcher Shopping Day: January 15, 2021
Classes Begin: January 19, 2021
Drop Deadline: February 9, 2021
Final Exam Dates for Fall 2019: May 3 - May 7, 2021

Please review the current Fletcher course schedule, as well as the Fletcher Academic Calendar and add to your calendar the important dates and deadlines.

Important to Note

  • If a Fletcher course is at capacity and a seat is not available in the course, the Fletcher Registrar's Office will not be able to process your cross-registration petition and you will not be enrolled in the Fletcher course even if the Fletcher faculty member approved your cross-registration petition.
  • Non-Fletcher students may not cross-register in more than two courses (6.0 credits total) at Fletcher.
  • Fletcher courses are not available for audit by non-Fletcher students.
  • Dropping a Course: Students who would like to drop a course should do so by the drop deadline directly through SIS. All drops made after the drop deadline will result in a "W" for withdrawal on the student's transcript.
  • Cross-registered students should contact the faculty member directly to access the syllabi.