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Certificates complement the MALD degree by helping students to master relevant knowledge and skills and by offering them a credential that will be valuable in a competitive job market. Certificates available at Fletcher are:

Diplomatic Studies

The purpose of the certificate in diplomatic studies is to enable students to acquire, through a concentrated and interdisciplinary group of courses, advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of the institutions and exercise of formal, or interstate, diplomacy. Its focus, in short, is on the diplomatic achievement of international agreement. The certificate encompasses the study of the historical evolution of diplomacy as well as the ways in which diplomatic concepts and methods are applied today — by the U.S. government and by the governments of other countries, large and small, bilaterally as well as in multilateral settings across the broad agenda of current international relations. The certificate is intended to serve the interest of those planning, or continuing, careers in professional diplomacy, whether within ministries of foreign affairs or in international organizations. It is designed also to serve the purposes of those having primarily a scholarly, investigative interest in the study of diplomacy, a rich and intellectually rewarding academic subject that is currently undergoing a major revival.

Human Security

The certificate in human security supports students seeking a deeper professional understanding of the interactions among four fields of international social change: development, conflict resolution, human rights, and humanitarian assistance. Students who graduate with the certificate in human security will possess a deep understanding of the core issues and challenges that underlie all action for international social change, and will be capable of leading interdisciplinary teams for policy-making, research, field action, or advocacy. The certificate consists of four introductory courses, which will acquaint students with each of the four fields whose concerns and methodologies need to be understood within a human security framework; two capstone courses laying out the cross-disciplinary framework; two courses allowing students to gain some degree of further specialization in one of the relevant fields; an internship designed to deepen the students’ understanding of the operational challenges of interdisciplinary work; and completion of a capstone project whose subject matter falls within the realm of human security.

International Development

For students aspiring to careers in international development, the certificate in international development offers a rigorous sequence of three core courses (chosen from four offered) in political and social change in developing countries, developing economics, development theory, and law and development. The core courses will ensure that students receive a basic understanding of development and will introduce them to the complex and interdependent nature of the field. The core courses are followed by specialization courses within one of three tracks:

  • Political and Social Change
  • Sustainable Development
  • Economic Analysis, Trade and Investment

International Finance and Banking

For students aspiring to careers in the global financial services industry, the Certificate in International Finance and Banking offers a rigorous sequence of courses in accounting, finance and banking that, coupled with International Business Transactions and Securities Law, uniquely prepares our graduates for the fast-paced world of international finance. This certificate program requires students to intern with a financial institution and to complete a Capstone Project on a related topic.

Strategic Management and International Consultancy

For students aspiring to careers in management consulting and international management, the Certificate in Strategic Management and International Consultancy offers a rigorous sequence of courses in global strategic management and the law of international business transactions, foreign private investment, and international intellectual property. This certificate program uniquely prepares students for the rapidly evolving world of international business. It also requires students to intern in the private sector and to complete a Capstone Project on a related topic.