Strategic Management & International Consultancy

About the Field

This field is relevant for students pursuing general management careers with multinational corporations, as well as management consulting careers. The field provides students with a deep grounding in the basic logic of competitive advantage, premised on a careful analytical treatment of the distinct qualities and positions of individual firms, and an understanding of broader competitive dynamics. This background positions students well for guiding strategy at both established and emerging enterprises pursuing both domestic and international strategies. Foreign market entry strategies through exporting, licensing, franchising, acquisitions, or foreign direct investments are also emphasized.

Students should refer to the Field of Study Guide for definitive field requirements in a given academic year.

Bhaskar Chakravorti

International business issues stubbornly demand that the global leader be adept at crossing many borders of many kinds – not only those of countries but also of disciplines, such as international relations, law, political economy, humanitarian studies – and, critically, global business functions

Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of Global Business, Executive Director of the Institute for Business in the Global Context, Chair of the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises, Professor of Practice in International Business

Current Students and Alumni

Jonathan Andrade

Jonathan Andrade

Outside the Classroom

    • Rawabi City: Can commerce build peace and prosperity in conflict-torn Palestine?
    • The Making of a Maverick: The Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship
    • Leading an Organization: The Skills that Matter Most
    • Linking Climate Change and Business Strategy
    • The Power of We: The Role of Business in Solving Society’s Challenges
    • Technology and Inclusive Innovation: The IBM Story in Africa
    • Annual Inclusion Forum: Inclusion, Inc.
    • Optimizing Emerging Market Strategies: How to Manage Financial Risks & Rewards
    • Leadership Program on Financial Inclusion
    • A.T. Kearney - Dubai, UAE
    • Nathan Associates - Washington, DC
    • ASG - New York City, NY
    • Aubridge Partners - Shanghai, China
    • The Climate Group - London, UK
    • Hola Foods - Cordoba, Argentina
    • Gap Inc. - San Francisco, CA
    • Ernst & Young - Chicago, IL
    • "Mexico's Energy Reform: A Lifesaver for a Drowning Industry"
    • "Privatization of the Electricity Distribution Companies in Turkey"
    • "Market Transition Playbook: Transitioning from Licensed to Owned Market in 2018"
    • "Jamela Market Research & Business Plan"
    • "Certification of Origin for Chocolate Products: An Analysis of the Ecuadorian Arriba Cocoa Bean"
    • "Collaborative Value Sharing Between Profit and Non-Profit Partners in Emerging Markets: The Case of GrameenPhone in Bangladesh"
    • "Achieving Complex National Security Missions: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Design and Management of Collaborative Institutions"
    • "Maintaining Socially-Inclusive Economic Growth By Enabling Opportunity: Achieving Sustainable Development in Vietnam"
    • "Mobile Banking: Can Financial Services be Extended to Africa's Unbanked?"
    • Fletcher Energy Consortium
    • International Business Club
    • Fletcher Net Impact
  • A Fletcher education is highly customizable, and each student may decide on a different academic trajectory to suit his or her own professional and academic goals. To get a better sense of how these individual curricular decisions can play out, we asked recent students in their final semester to talk about their goals, their classes, and the decisions made during their Fletcher career. Meet Tanya:

    Pre-Fletcher Experience

    Senior Consultant, Control Risks Group, New York, NY

    Fields of Study

    Strategic Management & International Consultancy
    International Political Economy

    Capstone Topic

    Doing business in Burma/Myanmar

    Post-Fletcher Professional Goals

    I plan to remain in the business risk management field, working with companies to help them do business in challenging environments.

    Read about Tanya's curricular path.

Faculty with expertise in the field:

Laurent Jacque

Laurent Jacque

DP Singh

DP Singh