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International information and communication is a critical component of international affairs and at the heart of how people of different nations perceive the world and each other. The study of international information and communication is interdisciplinary by its nature, and the curriculum at Fletcher emphasizes the political economy and policy perspective. In addition to learning about the role of international information and communication in international affairs, students will learn about the economic, political, policy, and technology forces that both enable and constrain different forms of communication, as well as the interaction of international information and communication across the many other fields studied at Fletcher. They will also become familiar with many theoretical frameworks and analytic techniques commonly used in the many branches of international communication. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong background to confront the new policy, political, development, security, governance, and business challenges they will encounter in their careers from an informed analytic perspective.

Students should refer to the Registrar's Field of Study Guide for definitive field requirements in a given academic year.

Carolyn Gideon

Fletcher courses in International Information and Communication include emphases on policy, political economy, business, technology, and law, in keeping with the school's multidisciplinary approach.

Carolyn Gideon

Current Students and Alumni

Graduates of The Fletcher School's Field of International Information and Communication pursue a variety of careers. These are a sample of Fletcher current students and alumni:

Cian McCarthy

Cian McCarthy

Steven Goldbaum

Steven Goldbaum

Outside the Classroom

    • Edward R. Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism
    • The Ideas Industry: Is the Academy Needed or Wanted?
    • Fletcher Debate Society Inaugural Debate: "Qatar Cheated: My Country should have gotten the World Cup!"
    • Emily Parker: "Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices From the Internet Underground"
    • Hitachi Speaker Series: Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab
    • Social Networks and Gender Analysis: Applications and Opportunities
    • Projects in ICT4D, The Mobile Ecosystem
    • Thom Shanker, Pentagon correspondent, NYT "Covering America's Wars"
    • Credible Public Diplomacy: A Lesson for our Times
    • The Media and Foreign Policy: Who's in the driver's seat? - Ralph Begleiter
    • The Future of Mainstream Media - Charles Gibson, ABC World News with Charles Gibson anchor
    • Escaping Plato's Cave: How America's Blindness to the Rest of the World Threatens Our Survival - Mort Rosenblum, former Editor-in-Chief of the International Herald Tribune
    • Jihad in Cyberspace
    • Google Policy Fellowship, Internet Education Foundation - Washington, DC
    • The Wall Street Journal - Frankfurt, Germany
    • APCO Worldwide - Washington, DC
    • Bloomberg News - Washington, DC
    • Grameen Telecom - Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Office of UN Political Affairs - Washington, DC
    • International Studies Journal - Tehran, Iran
    • Rocket Internet - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    • "Re-­inventing the Newsroom: Understanding the Business Models in Political Newspapers in Southeastern Europe"
    • "Campi ya Kanzi Case Study: Ecotourism Marketing In Kenya"
    • "Nation Branding: Greece, a Country in Crisis"
    • "State Branding in the 21st Century"
    • "Collaborative Value Sharing Between Profit and NonProfit Partners in Emerging Markets: The Case of GrameenPhone in Bangladesh"
    • "Achieving Complex National Security Missions: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Design and Management of Collaborative Institutions"
    • "Towards a National Information Infrastructure Initiative for the United States: An Analysis of Global Broadband Deployment, Adoption and Policies for Enhancement"
    • "Never Again? The Failure of the International Community and the Media During the Rwanda Genocide"
    • "A Story of Communication, Power and Vision: Bringing Guatemalan Civil Society into the National Decision-Making Process"
    • "NGO Mission and Staff Perception: A Case Study of the Finca del Niño"
    • The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
    • Praxis: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security
    • Al Nakhlah: The Fletcher Online Journal on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization
    • The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
    • Fletcher Diplomacy Club
    • Fletcher Net Impact
    • Fletcher United Nations Club
    • Fletcher Debate Society
    • International Communications Club
    • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club
  • A Fletcher education is highly customizable, and each student may decide on a different academic trajectory to suit his or her own professional and academic goals. To get a better sense of how these individual curricular decisions can play out, we asked recent students in their final semester to talk about their goals, their classes, and the decisions made during their Fletcher career. Meet Lulu:

    Pre-Fletcher Experience

    Financial Analyst, J.P. Morgan, NYC

    Fields of Study

    International Information & Communication
    International Security Studies

    Capstone Topic

    The Cyber Relationship between the U.S. and China

    Post-Fletcher Professional Goals

    To work for a private company or international organization that deals with technology and strategy.

    Read about Lulu's curricular path.

Faculty with expertise in the field:

Carolyn Gideon

Carolyn Gideon

Michael Klein

Michael W. Klein