Business for Social Impact

About the Field

This field prepares students for careers that leverage the private sector and management skills as tools for social impact. Students build both topical knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to work in complex cross-sectoral environments, using the tools and resources of the private sector to promote social change. Graduates often pursue careers in inclusive finance, impact investing, social entrepreneurship, international development, and corporate social responsibility, and they work in the private, public, and NGO sectors.

Students should refer to the Field of Study Guide for definitive field requirements in a given academic year.

Kim Wilson

Managing an NGO requires making connections with fellow students; taking advantage of summer internships; linking with interested faculty; and taking courses in business, law, politics, and diplomacy, areas that are Fletcher's specialty and the hallmark of the school.

Kim Wilson

Current Students and Alumni

Outside the Classroom

    • Practical Skills for Collaborating with a U.S. Mission Public Affairs Section on Programs, Grants and Exchanges
    • Global Leadership Forum with Boston Academics and NGO Leaders
    • Lead Where You Are: Perspectives from the Private, Public, and Non-Profit Sectors
    • Metrics of Success: The India Experience with Government Performance Management
    • Managing in Complex Environments: Questions for Leaders - Views from business, development and human rights
    • The Art of Inclusive Leadership: A Professional Development Workshop
    • Gentle Invasions: NGO Funding and the Manipulation of Civil Society within Transitional States
    • Code Red: The Emergency Business of International Humanitarian Aid
    • Delivering Social Impact
    • Below the Base of the Pyramid: Savings and the Ultra Poor
    • Microfinance: The Next Generation
    • The Akanksha Foundation - Pune, India
    • Development Innovations - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    • Resonate - Kigali, Rwanda
    • Search for Common Ground - Yangon, Myanmar
    • Manos de Madres - Kigali, Rwanda
    • Ayuda en Accion - Ecuador, Colombia
    • Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) - Cambridge, MA
    • Mercy Corps - Bamako, Mali
    • Centre for Microfinance Research - Chennai, India
    • Grameen Telecom - Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College - Newton, MA
    • Smiths Detection - Bangkok, Thailand
    • Winrock International - Kathmandu, Nepal
    • "Enhancing the Value of Monitoring in International Development: Lessons from Literature and Practice"
    • "The New Frontier of Development: How Securitization and Risk Spreading in the Microfinance Industry Can Benefit Development and the Private Sector"
    • "Launching Mobile Financial Services in Haiti"
    • "Business Plan: To Support Korean Social Enterprises and Vulnerable Groups"
    • "A Tale of Two States: A Comparative Analysis of Health Insurance for Low Income Populations"
    • "Land Grab" or Investment for Development? An Overview of Foreign Land Investments in Pakistan"
    • "Beyond the Constitution: Enhancing the Role of Legislatures in Conflict-Affected Societies"
    • "Maintaining Socially-Inclusive Economic Growth By Enabling Opportunity: Achieving Sustainable Development in Vietnam"
    • "Jamela Market Research & Business Plan"
    • "A Story of Communication, Power and Vision: Bringing Guatemalan Civil Society into the National Decision-Making Process"
    • "NGO Mission and Staff Perception: A Case Study of the Finca del Niño"
    • International Business Club
    • International Development Club
    • Fletcher Net Impact
    • Fletcher Cares
    • Fletcher Humanitarian Action Society
    • Praxis: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security
    • Global Health Group
    • Human Rights Project
    • The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
    • Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG)
  • A Fletcher education is highly customizable, and each student may decide on a different academic trajectory to suit his or her own professional and academic goals. To get a better sense of how these individual curricular decisions can play out, we asked recent students in their final semester to talk about their goals, their classes, and the decisions made during their Fletcher career. Meet Nathan:

    Pre-Fletcher Experience

    Peace Corps Volunteer, Niger
    Communications & Programme Assistant, Plan Niger

    Fields of Study

    Public & NGO Management
    Human Security

    Capstone Topic

    Defining Success and Failure in Development NGOs

    Post-Fletcher Professional Goals

    Project, program, and policy work in international development

    Read about Nathan's curricular path.

Faculty with expertise in the field: