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Join a community that celebrates difference

Diversity and inclusion are at the very core of the Fletcher experience, and play an essential role in equipping our students with the global perspective they need to serve as changemakers and leaders. Our community is built on a foundation of mutual support, respect, inclusion, and collaboration, and we believe that actively seeking out perspectives, cultures, and experiences beyond our own frame of reference is critical to truly understanding the issues facing the world.

At Fletcher, we believe that we are made stronger by our differences, and that those differences can open doors to new opportunities to create lasting, meaningful change on a global scale.

Be part of the conversation

We host a series of activities and events throughout the year to help foster diverse voices and ideas across campus. Student and faculty organizations provide an opportunity to build meaningful connections, and we have created policies to ensure that Fletcher is a safe place for every member of our community.

A message from Dean Rachel Kyte on belonging at Fletcher: moving forward on Diversity & Inclusion.


Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness

Comprised of faculty, administrators, and students, Fletcher’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I Committee) meets regularly to collaborate on a wide range of initiatives, fostering a community that embraces and celebrates diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The Committee affirms and supports the many dimensions of diversity, including age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical abilities/qualities, country of origin, religion, culture, socio-economic status, and political views. It seeks to ensure that the Fletcher community is representative, follows best practices, and preserves a climate of inclusion. The Committee welcomes input and suggestions from all members of the Fletcher Community.

Committee Members:

  • Carolyn Gideon (Chair), Assistant Professor of International Communications and Technology Policy 
  • Carlo James (C.J.) Aragon, second year student
  • John Cerone, Visiting Professor of International Law
  • Laurie Hurley, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Tracy Jenkins, first year student
  • Laura Laver, Associate Director of Admissions and Marketing, GMAP
  • Katie Mulroy, Director of Student Affairs
  • James Rollins, Director of Finance and Administration
  • Gerard Sheehan, Executive Associate Dean
  • Kimberly Theidon, Henry J. Leir Professor of International Humanitarian Studies
  • Mary Ellen Vigeant, Student Accessibility Services and Academic Resource Specialist 
  • Kelly Wong, first year student
Campus Resources

Chief Diversity Officers

As Chief Diversity Officers and Associate Provosts, Robert Mack, Ed.D. and Joyce Sackey, M.D. provide vision and leadership in promoting an institutional culture that values and supports diversity on campus.

Reporting to the University's Provost, Drs. Mack and Sackey champion initiatives consistent with the President's Diversity Council recommendations, work closely with the Office of Equal Opportunity as well as other members of the senior Administration, and with School and Divisional leaders with responsibility for initiatives related to diversity and inclusion.

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs supports students’ co-curricular life during their time at Fletcher and serves as a resource for student wellbeing. Along with campus partners, the office aims to create an inclusive community and is happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

Office of Equal Opportunity

The Office of Equal Opportunity ensures that the University's commitment and goals toward equal opportunity are integral components of Tufts’ policies. OEO is guided by the University's commitment to and desire for a truly integrated, interactive, productive, successful, and diverse body of students, faculty, staff, and community members.

The LGBT Center

The LGBT Center offers a space for all students, faculty, and staff to explore their unique relationship to gender and sexuality through personal, activist, or academic lenses, as well as programming, advising, and educational resources.

University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy provides pastoral care, support religious and philosophical communities, educate about spiritual and ethical issues in society and the world, and promote multifaith engagement.

International Center

The I-Center staff works to raise intercultural awareness, to increase the knowledge of immigration laws affecting the Tufts international community, and to advocate for a campus climate that respects cultural differences.

Africana Center

The Africana Center provides access to academic and social resources and a wide range of activities for students of African descent.

Student Organizations, Activities and Events

Culture Nights

Culture nights are a well-loved Fletcher tradition that offer a chance for our community's many student groups to celebrate their heritage and educate the broader community through music, dance, poetry, photography, and cuisine.

Conference on Gender & International Affairs

Each fall, The Fletcher School gathers with the larger Tufts and greater Boston community to cultivate and expand our knowledge of gender analysis, and the application of a gendered lens in all realms of international affairs, development, and business. The goal of the Conference is to facilitate conversations surrounding gender and power, their impact at the individual, community, institutional, state, and multilateral levels, and what this means for policy and programming in practice. 

Decolonizing International Relations Conference

The Decolonizing International Relations Conference cultivates a space that allows for critical intellectual exchange that surpasses the boundaries of traditional Western thought. During the course of the conference, speakers and panelists discuss principles, policies, and practices from underrepresented regions and perspectives while challenging the beliefs that are customarily taught in U.S.-based institutions.

Religion, Law, and Diplomacy Conference

The Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy aims to provide a framework for interdisciplinary study and practice of international affairs through the lens of religious literacy; create spaces to challenge assumptions and enhance understanding about the role of religion in the varied discourses at the Fletcher School; and develop these competencies through an annual fall conference and spring speaker series.

Student Organizations

Fletcher's student-led organizations include publications, conferences, affinity groups, athletic organizations, musical ensembles, and more! Some of these organizations include Pride at Fletcher, The Ralph Bunche Society (formerly Fletcher Students of Color and Allies), Gender Initiative, Fletcher Islamic Society, and Fletcher Veterans. To view a full list of Fletcher student groups, click here.

Get Involved! Dates and times for meetings, conferences, Culture Nights, and other events can be found on the Fletcher Calendar.

Fletcher Alumni Associations

Fletcher Women’s Network 

Fletcher Women’s Network unites Fletcher alumnae of all generations and classes to support our professional and personal development and enhance our opportunities to contribute to our local, national and global community.  FWN is a volunteer-driven organization governed by an Executive Committee and a Steering Committee of alumnae who represent a variety of graduation years, personal and career paths, and geographies of residence.

Fletcher Alumni of Color Association 

The Fletcher Alumni of Color Association (FACA) works to foster a strong and enduring community among Fletcher alumni of color and to further the interests, welfare, and educational purposes of The Fletcher School. It also serves as a forum to share ideas with current and prospective students and address issues of diversity.

Each year, FACA provides internship grants and scholarships to current students. Additionally, the group hosts career panels and networking events for alumni and current students.

Reporting Incidents

Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity

The Office of Equal Opportunity is dedicated to Tufts' commitment to and desire for a truly integrated, interactive, productive, successful and diverse body of students, faculty, staff and community members. OEO provides the information, resources and support needed to turn the university's commitment into reality.

Ethicspoint Incident Report Form

Ethicspoint, a third-party secure web tool, allows any member of the Tufts community to file a report or complaint. Ethicspoint has an option to report anonymously if preferred and there is another feature which allows a reporter to anonymously "chat" with an investigator if there is more information to be shared.