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Dates and times for meetings, conferences, Culture Nights, and other events can be found on the Fletcher Calendar.

Conference on Gender & International Affairs

Each fall, Fletcher gathers with the larger Tufts and greater Boston community to cultivate and expand our knowledge of gender analysis, and the application of a gendered lens in all realms of international affairs, development, and business. The goal of the Conference is to facilitate conversations surrounding gender and power, their impact at the individual, community, institutional, state, and multilateral levels, and what this means for policy and programming in practice. 

Decolonizing International Relations Conference

The Decolonizing International Relations Conference cultivates a space that allows for critical intellectual exchange that surpasses the boundaries of traditional Western thought. During the course of the conference, speakers and panelists discuss principles, policies, and practices from underrepresented regions and perspectives while challenging the beliefs that are customarily taught in U.S.-based institutions.

Religion, Law, and Diplomacy Conference

The Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy aims to provide a framework for interdisciplinary study and practice of international affairs through the lens of religious literacy; create spaces to challenge assumptions and enhance understanding about the role of religion in the varied discourses at Fletcher; and develop these competencies through an annual fall conference and spring speaker series.

Fletcher LEADS: Leadership, Equality, and Diversity

The goal of this program is to enhance and refine Fletcher women’s competence, confidence and leadership to fulfill their potential in the world, make a positive impact, build careers of significance, feel empowered as individuals, and balance their work endeavors and passions with their families and other responsibilities. Fletcher LEADS seeks to contribute to gender equality. 

Culture Nights

Culture nights are a well-loved Fletcher tradition that offer a chance for our community's many student groups to celebrate their heritage and educate the broader community through music, dance, poetry, photography, and cuisine.