Web Services

Web Hosting and Content Management

OIT hosts and maintains a customized version of the Sitecore content management system, an enterprise-class, web-based application that allows end users to manipulate and publish web content. OASYS, the cluster of services around Sitecore, includes free web hosting, support, training and more.

All authorized members of TUSM's administration may use the OASYS services, which include free web hosting for public-facing, TUSM-branded websites, on-demand user support, a comprehensive user training and more.

We provide limited training and content migration for the University-supported Word Press platform. We offer even more limited support for sites on the Emerald servers, and encourage all official TUSM websites to contact us about migration to OASYS, the supported web platform for TUSM.

Web Project Consulting

Web projects benefit from an initial phase of discovery to determine size and scope, resources required, timeline, and budget. Our office provides an initial consultation or series of meetings to help you begin planning for your web project.

Other services include:

  • Focus Group Planning/Hosting
  • Web Project Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Migration

Web Development

Typically we work closely with OIT’s Web Application Development group on projects requiring an extension of Sitecore functionality. We also contract with outside developers for projects requiring significant code development.

URL provisioning

We provide redirects, provision short urls and help coordinate with OIT groups and University groups to provide sub domains and other solutions.

The University provides a form for requesting a web domain name ending in tufts.edu. Please coordinate with our office if you wish to order a domain name and have it redirected to a Sitecore-hosted website.

Our office can provision short urls off the medicine, publichealth and md websites.

Video/Multimedia project management

We can coordinate video production, including planning, scripting, and shooting with Ed Media, Tufts’s internal audio video group. We also work with outside vendors for video shoots.

Other Services

We routinely contract with external vendors for web development, photography, video and content creation. By request, we can provide recommendations for these vendors, or coordinate with your team or chosen vendors.