Editorial Guidelines

Web Style

Web style is unique to the web. Best practices for print and other mediums do not always apply to the web. When they are applied, they can be awkward or counter-productive.

If you are publishing web copy, you should be aware of online style conventions, and try to follow best practices whenever possible.

This section contains guidelines and tip sheets to help you follow best practices when writing for the web.

Web Copy

Good web copy is well-organized, clear, and concise. The web is a visual medium and browsers may restrict the amount of information your visitor sees. So there's a limit to how much information you can get across in a page, or even a website.

Be clever. Be creative. But also know when you've made your point.

Editorial Style

In general, the TUSM website uses Associated Press (AP) style. TUSM administration, faculty and students can access the Online AP Style Book via the Hirsh Health Sciences Library.

The TUSM Stylebook is the authority for TUSM-specific terms, spelling, and general usage.