Web Policies & Guidelines


The purpose of Tufts University School of Medicine's family of websites (medicine.tufts.edu, md.tufts.edu, publichealth.tufts.edu, and sackler.tufts.edu) is to provide information about Tufts University School of Medicine, its mission and academic programs, faculty and students, research centers and groups, computing services, special programs, publications, and other information.

Standards, Policies & Guidelines

All policies and standards are set by the TUSM Web Steering Committee in cooperation with the University's Web Communications office, and are enforced by the TUSM Web Communications team. Read more about governance of the TUSM websites.

TUSM's Web Communications team has the right to remove any content that does not comply with these standards and policies.

Find more information about our policies, editorial standards, best practices and guidelines for web publishing in this section.