Affiliated Faculty

Cecil Aptel, Associate Professor of International Law

Eileen Babbit, Professor of Practice in International Conflict Resolution

H. Zeynep Bulutgil, Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics

Maciej Bartowski, Adjunct Lecturer and Senior Director for Education & Research at International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

R. Bruce Hitchner, Professor of Classics & International Relations and Adjunct Professor of History

H Zeynep Bultugil, Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics 

Amahl Bishara, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Bhaskar Chakravorti, Senior Associate Dean of International Business & Finance

Elizabeth Foster, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Ken Garden, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion

Carolyn Gideon, Assistant Professor of International Communication and Technology Policy, Director of the Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs

Kathleen Hamill, Human Rights Lawyer; Fellow at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health; Adjunct Professor at Fletcher

Steven Hirsch, Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor of History

Eva Hoffman, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Art History

Shafiqul Islam, Director, Water Diplomacy Program, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor, Water Diplomacy, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Karen Jacobsen, Associate Professor of Research; Director Refugees and Forced Migration Program at the Feinstein International Center

Ayesha Jalal, Mary Richardson Professor of History at Tufts University

Rich Jankowsky, Associate Professor of Music

Ian Johnstone, Professor of International Law

Barbara Kates-Garnick, Director, Energy, Climate and Innovation Programme, CIERP

Michele Malvesti, Professor of Practice in International Security Studies.

Beatrice Manz
, Professor of History, Middle East and Inner Asia

Christina Maranci, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Nimah Mazaheri
, Assistant Professor, Comparative Political Economy, Middle East and South Asia regions

Ina Baghdiantz McCabe, Professor of History, Darakjian and Jafarian Chair in Armenian History 

Hardy Merriman, Adjunct Lecturer and President of International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

Joel Rosenberg, Lee S. McCollester Associate Professor of Biblical Literature; 

Jeswald Salacusse, Henry J Baker Professor of Law

Richard Shultz, Professor of International Politics, Director of the International Security Studies Program

Enrico Spolaore, Professor of Economics

Faculty from the Department of International Literary and Cultural Studies

Kamran Rastegar, Associate Professor, Director of Arabic Program; Modern Arabic Literature, Comparative Literature, Cinema Studies, Postcolonial Studies

Alexandra Chreiteh (Shraytekh), Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies

Rana Abdul-Aziz, Lecturer, Language Coordinator, Arabic Language

Fadi Jajji, Lecturer, Arabic Language

Rabab El Nady, Lecturer, Arabic Language

Souhad Zendah, Lecturer, Arabic Language

Batool Khattab, Part-Time Lecturer, Arabic Language

Somy Kim, Part-Time Lecturer, Arabic Literature