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Dr. ElBaradei discusses "The Arab Spring, Lessons Learned and Future Prospects" with Fares Center Director Nadim

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Nassim Taleb spoke to students at Tufts University on Markers of Country Fragility

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H.E. Nikolay Mladenov joined the Fares Center and presented his lecture: "Iraq: The Way Forward." Watch the video.

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Fares Center in the News

BloombergView (June 9, 2015): Despite being cut from the international financial system, Iran spends billions to aid Assad's regime, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

VOA (June 2, 2015): Iran spent $14-$15 billion in both military and economic aid to the Syrian regime 2012-13, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

BBC World Service (May 21, 2015): Nadim Shehadi speaks to BBC on the IS threat to Palmyra. Listen here






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Upcoming Events

BRISMES Joint Annual Conference 2015

On June 25, Thursday, the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, will host a reception at 6 pm at the conference.

Conference theme:
Liberation has been a recurrent theme in the Middle East for millennia. People have sought it in a multitude of ways – through politics, mysticism, philosophy, and personal piety. In the modern Middle East, different political movements – nationalist, communist, economic liberalist, Islamist, and secularist – have all promised liberation of different kinds. It is also a key theme of feminist writing, and of modern Middle Eastern literature. Together with ‘bread and dignity’, it was one of the central principles of the Arab Spring.

With the reassertion of military rule in Egypt, and the descent in Syria from popular uprisings to bloody civil war, ‘liberation’ is now even more in question in the Middle East than it was before 2011. The BRISMES Annual Conference 2015 will explore the multitude of meanings that the concept has for the region today.

The Fares Center is a partner and sponsor of the conference.



Dr. ElBaradei Discusses "The Arab Spring"

“This is part of the human journey everywhere. People have been seeking throughout human history to find a way to live in peace and human dignity,” Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei said in his final lecture as Nobel-Laureate-in-Residence of The Fletcher School at Tufts University on December 4, 2014. Nadim Shehadi, Director of the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies moderated the audience discussion.

Lecture by H.E. Nikolay Mladenov


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