Say Hello to Kurdistan: The new player in the Middle East

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Peace for Syria with Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam

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Re-Envisioning Models of Development in the Arab World with H.E Hedi Larbi

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Heritages Film screening

Heritages film screening

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VOA (Feb 6, 2016): Nadim Shehadi speaks to VOA on the Syrian opposition's consistent failure to create strong leadership. Read here

Nano News (February 2, 2016): Nadim Shehadi on the Syrian talks in Geneva. Read here

BBC World Service (February 1, 2016): Nadim Shehadi speaks on the failure of Syrian opposite to create credible leadership. Listen here

E- International Relations (January 6, 2016): An Interview with Nadim Shehadi. Read here

Common Wealth Magazine (December 17, 2015): Prof. Leila Fawaz's book the Land of Aching Hearts quoted in an insightful article titled "A Shattered Mosaic: Middle-Eastern Modernity Past & President". Read here

AlJazeera (Oct 10, 2015): The Syrian government tried to clone its system in Lebanon between 1990 and 2005, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

VOA (October 4, 2015): Russia has no intention of hitting the Islamic State, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

CS Monitor (July 23, 2015): Prof. Ibrahim Warde speaks on the role if Islamic finance in the growing economy. Read here

BloombergView (June 9, 2015): Despite being cut from the international financial system, Iran spends billions to aid Assad's regime, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

VOA (June 2, 2015): Iran spent $14-$15 billion in both military and economic aid to the Syrian regime 2012-13, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

BBC World Service (May 21, 2015): Nadim Shehadi speaks to BBC on the IS threat to Palmyra. Listen here

AlJazeera America (January 24, 2015): Prof. Ibrahim Warde speaks to AlJazeera America on the King Abdullah's initiatives in Saudi Arabia. Read here

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Feb 11: "War and Identity: Preventing Crimes against Humanity ” by Tasoula Hadjitofi, Founder, Walk of Truth,  10:00 AM - 11.30 AM

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