Serial entrepreneur Fadi Ghandour discusses agents of change in the Middle East.

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Fares Center brought together academics and athletes to discuss sports in the Arab World.

Photos, videos and summaries of our Spring 2016 events are available now.

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Egypt Film Screening: Nasser's Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt

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October 26, 2016 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

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New at Fares

New at Fares

Welcome, Dr. Karim Makdisi

The Fares Center is delighted to welcome Dr. Karim Makdisi as Visiting Fellow for the year 2016-17. Read about Dr. Makdisi here



Fares Center in the News

Rudaw (September 29,2016) Fares Center PhD Fellow Shahla Al Kli makes the case for an independent Kurdish region. Read here

BBC World Service (September 18,2016) Nadim Shehadi talks to BBC World Service on the US bombardment of Syrian Army , the future of Russian-US relations and cooperation on Syria. Watch here

Voice of America (August 17, 2016): "For most Syrians, Palmyra prison was where the Syrian regime perfected torture,” said Nadim Shehadi, director of the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (July 15, 2016): Satgin Hamrah, Doctor Fellow at the Fares Center, interviews Dr. Noora Lori, Assistant Professor of International Relations at Boston University, on the Migration Crisis Facing the Arab World. Read here

Politico (July 6, 2016): Nadim Shehadi speaks on Trump's possible involvement in Syria and the crisis in Daraya. Read here

Voice of America (May 13, 2016): Nadim Shehadi quoted in a story on the death of a key suspect in the assassination of Rafik Hariri. Read here

France24 (May 2, 2016):Nadim Shehadi discusses the souring of Lebanon-Saudi relations over Hezbollah's role in Syria. Watch here

Inside the Middle East (April 30, 2016): Fares Center Doctoral Fellow Satgin Hamrah interviews Ambassador Dennis Ross, special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton, and a key figure in the Israel-Palestine peace talks.

TRTWorld (Apr 20, 2016): Interview with Fares Center Director Nadin Shehadi on the US-GCC meeting in Riyadh. Watch here

Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (Apr 18, 2016) Satgin Hamrah interviews Banafsheh Keynoush, author and geopolitical consultant,  on the Iranian influence in MENA

Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (Apr 2, 2016): Satgin Hamrah comments on the legacies of  Iran-Iraq war. Read here

Kurdistan24 (Mar 20, 2016): Shahla Al-kli's opinion piece on Islamic State: The Iraqization of al-Qaeda. Read here

Fletcher Forum (Mar 14, 2016): Satgin Hamrah writes on the Iran-Iraq war and the sectarianism in the Middle East. Read here

Inside the Middle East (Mar 10, 2016) Satgin Hamrah interviews Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on the Iran-Saudi rift

IranWire (Feb 25, 2016): Nadim Shehadi weighs in on the Russia-Syria-Iran dynamics. Read here

E-International Relations (Feb 15, 2016): Satgin Hamrah interviews Dr. Salim al-Jabouri, speaker of the Iraqi parliament. Read here

Chicago Tribune (Feb 10, 2016): Nadim Shehadi quoted on the Syrian crisis. Read here

VOA (Feb 6, 2016): Nadim Shehadi speaks to VOA on the Syrian opposition's consistent failure to create strong leadership. Read here

Nano News (Feb 2, 2016): Nadim Shehadi on the Syrian talks in Geneva. Read here

BBC World Service (Feb 1, 2016): Nadim Shehadi speaks on the failure of Syrian opposite to create credible leadership. Listen here

E- International Relations (Jan 6, 2016): An Interview with Nadim Shehadi. Read here

Common Wealth Magazine (Dec 17, 2015): Prof. Leila Fawaz's book the Land of Aching Hearts quoted in an insightful article titled "A Shattered Mosaic: Middle-Eastern Modernity Past & President". Read here

AlJazeera (Oct 10, 2015): The Syrian government tried to clone its system in Lebanon between 1990 and 2005, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

VOA (Oct 4, 2015): Russia has no intention of hitting the Islamic State, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

CS Monitor (Jul 23, 2015): Prof. Ibrahim Warde speaks on the role if Islamic finance in the growing economy. Read here

BloombergView (Jun 9, 2015): Despite being cut from the international financial system, Iran spends billions to aid Assad's regime, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

VOA (Jun 2, 2015): Iran spent $14-$15 billion in both military and economic aid to the Syrian regime 2012-13, says Nadim Shehadi. Read here

BBC World Service (May 21, 2015): Nadim Shehadi speaks to BBC on the IS threat to Palmyra. Listen here

AlJazeera America (Jan 24, 2015): Prof. Ibrahim Warde speaks to AlJazeera America on the King Abdullah's initiatives in Saudi Arabia. Read here


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  • By: Nadim Shehadi Couldn’t leave home this morning before finishing this article about Mosul by Rasha Al-Aqeedi. The message from the piece is that the ongoing battle may defeat ISIS but it can also make things much worse. The real question to answer is why did ISIS (whatever it is) walk into Fallujah, Ramady [...]
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  • This video is Part III in our series inspired by the film Heritages. In this video, Jacques Sultan, a documentary maker and the uncle of director Phillipe Aractingi, recounts how the narrative in Heritages is one that is echoed over generations of his family. Describing his escape from war in Lebanon, Jacques says, “we were lucky. When [...]
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