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Planet eBiz has been hard at work, examining changes in the digital world. Stay tuned to find out more.

Planet eBiz is a research platform of the Institute for Business in the Global Context. Planet eBiz explores trends and patterns of digital change over time. As The Fletcher School's business lens on the global digital economy, Planet eBiz delivers actionable insights for policymakers, businesses, investors, and civil society. This initiative helps stakeholders to understand the drivers of the digital economy, and identify opportunities to shape the digital future of the world.

Media Coverage of Planet eBiz

Planet eBiz's research has been featured in hundreds of articles and opinion pieces across the world, in English, Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Thai, and other languages. Below are some selected pieces:

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Written by Planet eBiz

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The Digital Evolution Index

The Digital Evolution Index (DEI) measures the rate of change and current state of e-commerce ecosystems across 50 countries since 2008. The DEI enables businesses, investors and governments to make sense of the evolving digital landscape.

How We Buy Online

How We Buy Online is an online competition for Fletcher and Tufts students, recent graduates, and affiliates, that examines the ease and accessibility of e-commerce around the world. Participants discuss their experiences in engaging in e-commerce transactions in various locales.

What are the top 10 countries shopping online? Check out our video.



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