Human Rights Memorial at the African Union

The World Peace Foundation is a project partner in efforts to create a permanent human rights memorial at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The new African Union (AU) headquarters building stands on the site of the former Addis Ababa central prison, known as Alem Bekagn (“farewell to the world.”) In recognition of the thousands of people who perished at this site, and the millions of other survivors and victims of human rights abuses in Africa, including genocide, the AU has resolved to establish a permanent memorial on the site, and to hold regular commemorative events.

The African Union Human Rights Memorial Project (AUHRM) aims to preserve the memory of mass atrocities, in recognition of past suffering and in the interests of future peace and security. The AU established in its constitutive act a commitment to continental cooperation on the basis of human rights principles, constitutionalism, and the responsibility to intervene in the case of crimes against humanity or genocide. The AUHRM will reflect a series of grave crimes committed against Africans, including the Red Terror in Ethiopia, the Rwandan genocide, apartheid, slavery and possibly other issues and cases as well.