An international public intellectual conversation is needed to respond to the challenges of new threats to peace and the requisite new vision of world peace. The WPF education programs are designed to catalyze such a conversation. Our educational activities include engagement within our community at Tufts University and The Fletcher School as well as efforts to engage a broader public in the issues related to contemporary peace and conflict. WPF activities on Tufts University campus, include teaching courses within The Fletcher School, supervising students conducting research, and engaging with the wider Tufts community. Our public education program includes lectures, events, the media and publications, and our blog and social media. We also have established key partnerships to develop projects specifically geared to translate research insights into widely accessible materials.

Our current education projects include:

On Campus

Teaching: Learn more about the courses that Alex de Waal and Bridget Conley-Zilkic teach at The Fletcher School.

Cross-University Initiatives: We are currently engaged in two cross-University initiatives, one on genocide and mass atrocities, and the other an investigation into the potential for creating a human rights archives at Tufts University.

Student Seminar Competition: WPF sponsors and annual competition for Fletcher students to submit proposals on any topic related to conflict, security, peace or human rights. WPF funds and hosts the seminar outlined in the winning proposal.

Public Education

African Arguments: With partners the Royal African Society and Zed Books, the WPF contributes to this book series (de Waal is co-editor) and multi-blogging site that covers unfolding, contemporary African events, and develops debates on issues of central importance to an ever-changing continent.

Note: several of our research programs also include public education components. To learn about this, visit our Research Program pages.