de Waal publications

Books authored by Alex de Waal:

AIDS and Power: Why There is No Political Crisis—Yet (London: Zed Books, 2006).

With Julie Flint, Darfur: A New History of a Long War (London: Zed Book, 2005, revised ed. 2008). 

Demilitarizing the Mind: African Agendas for Peace and Security (Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2002). 

Famine Crimes: Politics and the Disaster Relief Industry in Africa (Oxford: James Currey, 1997). 

Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1989; revised ed. 2004; U.S. ed. 2005).

Collections edited by Dr. Alex de Waal:

War in Darfur and the Search for Peace (Harvard University Press, 2007).

Islamism and its Enemies in the Horn of Africa (Hurst & Co. and Indiana University Press 2004). 

Young Africa: Realising the Rights of Youth and Children (Alex de Waal & Nicolas Argenti eds., Africa World Press 2002). 

When Peace Comes: Civil Society and Development in Sudan (Alex de Waal & Yoanes Ajawin eds., Red Sea Press 2002). 

The Phoenix State: Civil Society and the Future of Sudan (Alex de Waal & A. H. Abdel Salam eds., Red Sea Press 2001).

Who Fights? Who Cares? War and Humanitarian Action in Africa (Africa World Press 2000).


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters by Dr. Alex de Waal:

“An Emancipatory Imperium? Power and Principle in the Humanitarian International,” in Contemporary States of Emergency: The Politics of Military and Humanitarian Interventions (Didier Fassin & Mariella Pandolfi eds., Zone Books 2010).

“Why Humanitarian Organizations Need to Tackle Land Issues,” in Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action, (Sara Pantuliano ed., Practical Action Publishing & Overseas Development Institute 2009).

“Darfur, Sudan: Ethnicity, Islam and Citizenship,” in Religion and Nationalism in Iraq: A Comparative Perspective (David Little & Donald Swearer eds., Harvard Univ. Press 2007).

“Humanitarianism Reconfigured: Philanthropic Globalization and the New Solidarity” in NonGovernmental Politics (Michel Feher ed., Zone Books 2007).

“AIDS, Hunger and Destitution: Theory and Evidence for the ‘New Variant Famines’ Hypothesis in Africa” in The New Famines: Why Famines Persist in an Era of Globalization (Stephen Devereux ed., Routledge 2007)

“The Challenge of HIV/AIDS,” in Towards a New Map of Africa, (Ben Wisner, Camilla Toulmin & Rutendo Chitiga eds., Earthscan 2005).

“AIDS-Related Famine: Questioning Assumptions and Developing Frameworks” in The Political Economy of AIDS in Africa (Nana K. Poku and Alan Whiteside eds., Ashgate 2004).

“Prospects for Peace and Security in the Horn of Africa” in Prospects for Peace, Security and Human Rights in Africa’s Horn (Gunnar Sorbo & Siegfried Pausewang, eds., Fagbokforlaget 2004). 

“The African State and Global Governance” in Unbinding Africa: Making Globalization Work for Good Governance (Phoebe Griffith ed., The Foreign Policy Centre 2003).

“A Disaster with No Name: The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and the Limits of Governance” in Learning from HIV and AIDS (George Ellison, Melissa Parker & Catherine Campbell eds.,  Cambridge Univ. Press 2003).

“HIV/AIDS: the Issue of A Lifetime,” in Global Health Challenges for Human Security (Lincoln Chen, Jennifer Leaning & Vasant Narasimhan eds., Harvard, Global Equity Initiative 2003).

“Human Rights, Institutional Wrongs” in Rethinking International Organizations: Pathologies and Promise (Dennis Dijkzeul & Yves Beigbeder eds., Berghahn 2003).

“Wars in Africa” in Global Insecurity (Mary Kaldor ed., Continuum, 2000).

“Contemporary Islamic Humanitarianism in Sudan” in Africa, Islam and Development (Thomas Salter & Kenneth King eds.,  Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2000).

“Dangerous Precedents: Famine Relief in Somalia, 1991-93” in War and Hunger: Rethinking International Responses to Complex Emergencies (Joanna Macrae & Anthony Zwi eds., Zed Books, 1994).

“Starving out the South in Civil War” in Sudan (Martin Daly & Ahmad Alsikainga eds., I.B. Taurus 1994).


Non-Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

“Sudan’s Choices: Scenarios Beyond the CPA” in Sudan: No Easy Ways Ahead (Heinrich Boll Foundation ed., 2010).

“Preface in Capitalizing on Catastrophe: Neoliberal Strategies” in Disaster Reconstruction (Nandini Gunewardena & Mark Schuller eds., Altamira Pres, 2008) (Commissioned preface).

“The Right to be Nuba” in The Right to be Nuba: The Story of A Sudanese People’s Struggle for Survival (Suleiman Rahhal ed., Red Sea Press 2001).

“Humanitarianism Unbound? Current Dilemmas Facing Multi-Mandate Relief Operations” in Political Emergencies in Ethics and Development: On Making Moral Choices in Development Cooperation (C. J. Hamelink ed., Kampen 1997) (Re-publication of African Rights issue paper).

“Some Comments on Militias in Contemporary Sudan” in Civil War in Sudan (Martin. Daly & Ahmad Alsikainga eds., IB Taurus 1994) (re-publication of 1990 seminar paper).


Major Reports

“African Union High-Level Panel on Darfur, Darfur: The Quest for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation,” (October 2009). Dr. Alex de Waal was a principal author on the drafting team.


With Jennifer F. Klot, Manjari Mahajan, &  Dana Huber, “AIDS, Security and Conflict: New Realities, New Responses,” AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative, Social Science Research Council (SSRC)(Sept. 2009). Dr. Alex de Waal was the principal investigator and lead writer.


“Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS, Home Truths: Facing the Facts on Children, AIDS, and Poverty (Feb. 2009). Dr. Alex de Waal was a lead member of the drafting team.

“Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa, Securing our Future,” the Report of the Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa (June 2008). Having been the originator of CHGA, Dr. Alex de Waal was asked to edit the final report and to write the chapter on governance.

“HIV/AIDS: Africa’s Greatest Leadership Challenge” (Dec. 2000). This is the report of the African Development Forum 2000 for which Dr. Alex de Waal was the lead writer.

“Food and Power in Sudan: A Critique of Humanitarianism,” African Rights (1997). Dr. Alex de Waal was the principal investigator.

“Facing Genocide: The Nuba of Sudan, African Rights” (1995). Based on the first outside visit to the non-government held areas of the Nuba Mountains, Dr. Alex de Waal was the writer of this report. 

“Rwanda: Death, Despair and Defiance,” African Rights (1994). While Rakiya Omaar was in Rwanda during the genocide conducting interviews and doing research, Dr. Alex de Waal was in London compiling, editing and writing this article.

“Evil Days: Thirty Years of War and Famine in Ethiopia,” Africa Watch (1991). Dr. Alex de Waal was the principal investigator. 

“Sudan: Denying the Honor of Living,” Africa Watch (1989). Dr. Alex de Waal was the principal investigator.

Essays and Articles

“Dolarised,” London Review of Books, 32 (12) (June 24, 2010), 38 – 41.

Chad Hazlett, Christian Davenport, & Joshua Kennedy, “Evidence-based Peacekeeping: Exploring the Epidemiology of Lethal Violence in Darfur”, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (Mar. 2010).

“The Humanitarians’ Tragedy: On the Escapable and Inescapable Cruelties of the Humanitarian Predicament,” Disasters (Feb. 2010).

“HIV/AIDS and the Challenge of Security and Conflict,” 375 The Lancet 22-23 (Jan. 2, 2010).

“Reframing Governance, Security and Conflict in the Light of HIV/AIDS,” Social Science and Medicine (January 2010).

With Julie Flint, “Case Closed: A Prosecutor Without Borders,” World Affairs (Spring 2009)

“Mission without End? Peacekeeping in the African Political Marketplace,” Int’l Affairs (Jan. 13, 2009).  

“Mission without End? Peacekeeping in the African Political Marketplace,” 85 Int’l Affairs 99-113 (Jan. 2009) 

“On Famine Crimes and Tragedies,” Perspectives, 372 The Lancet 1538-9 (Nov. 1, 2008)

“Between Exceptionalism and Revisionism: Children and Global AIDS Policies,” IDS Bulletin (Nov. 2008).

With Jerker Edstrom & Masuma Mamdani, “Introduction: Children, HIV/AIDS and Development Policy,” IDS Bulletin (Nov. 2008).

“The Humanitarian Carnival: A Celebrity Vogue,” World Affairs (Fall 2008).

“Darfur and the Failure of the Responsibility to Protect,” Int’l Affairs (Nov, 2007).

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