Explore Sudan and South Sudan's recent political history and access key documents on our interactive timeline.

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Can we improve civilian protection by studying how mass atrocities have ended in the past? UN Photo/Martine Perret

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Sudan Peace Archive

The WPF's Sudan Peace Archive allows unprecedented access to the process of mediation in the Sudans.

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For over 100 years, the WPF has sought to educate about the waste and destructiveness of war and preparation for war.

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Through graphics and images, Alex de Waal explains Sudan's predicament. Read more.

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Upcoming Events

Water Securities and Insecurities

Join World Peace Foundation on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 5:30pm at The Fletcher School for an experts discussion on Water Securities and Insecurities.

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New WPF Board Chair

WPF is pleased to announce that its new Chair of the Board is Peter Blum. We thank Philip Khoury, the out-going Chairman whose leadership helped bring the WPF to Tufts University's The Fletcher School, and who will remain a member of the Board.

WPF affiliated research

Claire Smith (York University), a researcher with WPF's How Mass Atrocities End project, published "Illiberal peace-building in hybrid political orders: managing violence during Indonesia's contested political transition," in Third World Quarterly. Read how she employs the concept of 'hybrid political orders' to analyze the logic of illiberal peace-building processes in transitional states.

Ending Mass Atrocities

Learn more about the intellectual work behind WPF's How Mass Atrocities End project in a new essay by Bridget Conley-Zilkic and Alex de Waal, "Setting the Agenda for Evidence-Based Research on Ending Mass Atrocities," published February 2014 in the Journal of Genocide Research.
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De Waal on Sudan and South Sudan

Read Alex de Waal's recent writings on Sudan and South Sudan on our blog: "South Sudan obtained independence in July 2011 as a kleptocracy – a militarized, corrupt neo-patrimonial system of governance."
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Visualizing South Sudan

Find out why Alex de Waal’s March 13, 2014 essay, "The Culprit: The Army” from his Visualizing South Sudan series is the most popular blog contribution thus far in 2014. One excerpt: “There are 745 generals in the SPLA. That’s 41 more than in the four U.S. services combined, and second only to Russia’s 887 generals and admirals in the world.”
Occasional Paper

Gender, Peace and Conflict

Dyan Mazurana and Keith Proctor draw on interdisciplinary research to provide a summary of the key literature, frameworks and findings in five topic areas related to Gender, Conflict, and Peace, and suggest areas that need further research. Questions addressed include: How does a gender analysis inform our understanding of armed conflict and peace-making? What are the gendered dimensions of war, non-violent resistance, peace processes, and transitional justice?

Drones for sale!

  • On Tuesday, United States President Barak Obama issued a new policy on the sale of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and drones. Although the policy is couched in terms of human rights and international law, its likely purpose is to pave the way for greater sales of American-made [...]

  • Hollow Existence

  • What a tangled web did Eritrea weave when the top leaders took us for granted and led us to a conflict that could have been avoided! They squeezed us empty, and then they tried to fill us with small-minded hogwash. Memories of my friends who perished in the war remind me of the sacred hope to which I give refuge in my exiled heart. Tears will not fall on their graves … but I hope tears of joy will be shed in their memory, during the great embrace with their ghosts when we, the living, celebrate the rebirth of our country.
  • Personnel bloat at DoD?

  • A triumph for transparency in defense spending came earlier this week when the Pentagon reversed its decision to classify information about funds spent on military training for the Afghan army and police. The reversal came after mainstream media joined traditional DoD allies in criticizing the decision. For instance, John McCain stated: “These are [...]