Emergency Publishing

Edits to The Fletcher School's website are published in hourly batches. Under certain circumstances, websites may be published on demand (outside of the regular publishing cycle). Web publishing on demand can involve removing or editing existing content, or posting new content.


Authorized personnel should first telephone Fletcher CPRM, X76410, to inquire if an emergency edit is possible. All emergency requests will be accommodated as staffing allows during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5). Outside of business hours, a best effort will be made to support emergency requests from authorized parties. Authorized personnel can also send a request to CPR@Tufts.edu or call x60478. Best efforts will be made.


If web content (text, photo, video, documents, etc) poses an immediate risk to a School's (or by extension, the University's) reputation, it must be taken down or corrected as soon as possible. This type of content could:

  1. contain or link to outdated, inaccurate, misleading, offensive, obscene, defamatory or threatening content;
  2. contain or link to content which implicitly or explicitly contravenes State and Federal legislation, including anti-discrimination legislation;
  3. contain or link to content of commercial or non-University activities performed by staff members or their families or their commercial or business associates;
  4. contain recognizable images of people unless a photo release form including specific release for web use has been completed and signed by those in the images (still or video)
  5. contain content owned by external organizations;
  6. contain copyrighted content unless written permission from the copyright holder is held

An emergency could also be defined as a need to post new information quickly -- this might include:

  1. school or university closing for any reason (inclement weather, water main break...)
  2. urgent health-related information
  3. time-sensitive scheduling change (canceled conference, class)

breaking news as defined by the School's communications team (coordinated partnership announcements or the School's statement on a high profile issue)