A-Z Online Style Guide

For the most part, The Fletcher School website follows punctuation, capitalization and usage guidelines outlined in the Associated Press Stylebook Online, which is available to the entire Fletcher community through the Ginn Library (password required).

Fletcher-specific style guidelines are included in the A-Z guide below.

UNITED STATES – Although the abbreviation U.S. is acceptable as both noun and adjective, it is often preferable to spell out the name of the country as a noun.


UNIVERSITY – Lowercase when standing alone, including references to Tufts. When using university in the official name capitalize: Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Do not capitalize the generic term university when plural and preceded by two or more proper nouns: Tufts and Boston universities. However, when the generic term university is plural and followed by more than one name it is generally capitalize: Universities of Washington and Utah.


UNIVERSITY-WIDE – Hyphenate as an adjective before a noun. If used after the noun, then two words, no hyphen: The university-wide poll brought many differentiating opinions to Tufts’ attention. The survey was university wide.


UPLOAD – One word.


URL – Acronym for universal resource locator, or a Web address. All URLs included in printed materials must be checked online exactly as printed before going to print to ensure they direct to the correct page. Do not include http:// or www just the address: Please check our website for important application deadlines at fletcher.tufts.edu/admissions. When the URL falls at the end of the sentence, mark with normal punctuation, such as a period.


UTILIZE – Generally prefer use.