A-Z Online Style Guide

For the most part, The Fletcher School website follows punctuation, capitalization and usage guidelines outlined in the Associated Press Stylebook Online, which is available to the entire Fletcher community through the Ginn Library (password required).

Fletcher-specific style guidelines are included in the A-Z guide below.

HANDHELD (n.) hand-held (adj.)


HANDICAP PARKING – Use accessible parking.


HANDICAPPED – see disabled.


HEALTH CARE – Two words, even when preceding a noun. Please visit the health care center. Insurance coverage for health care.


HIS/HER – Avoid using masculine pronouns in generic references to non-gender-specific persons. Insert a plural noun if helpful: A student may request an attested copy of his transcript from the Office of the Registrar; instead use Students may request an attested copy of their transcripts from the Office of the Registrar.


HISTORIC/HISTORICAL – A historic event is an important occurrence, one that stands out in history. Any occurrence in the past is a historical event.


HOMEPAGE One word.




HYPHEN – In general, the fewer hyphens used the better. Use hyphens to improve clarity, as in the case of compound modifiers. Small-business loan.