A-Z Online Style Guide

For the most part, The Fletcher School website follows punctuation, capitalization and usage guidelines outlined in the Associated Press Stylebook Online, which is available to the entire Fletcher community through the Ginn Library (password required).

Fletcher-specific style guidelines are included in the A-Z guide below.

FARTHER/FURTHER – Farther refers to physical difference. He walked farther into the woods. Further refers to an extension of time or degree. They decided to investigate the case further to find additional forensic evidence.


FEDERAL – Lowercase unless part of a proper title: Federal Aviation Administration; federal taxes.


FELLOW – lowercase; Laura Kuhl, junior research fellow, the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy.


FELLOWSHIP – Capitalize if it is part of the proper name of the fellowship: She received the Henry J. Leir Fellowship in Humanitarian Assistance last year.


FIRST-YEAR/FRESHMAN – First-year is preferred.


FIELDS OF STUDY – Lowercase.


FOREIGN STUDENTS – Use international students instead.


FRACTIONS – Spell out amounts less than one, using hyphens: two-thirds, one-half. Use figures for precise amounts more than one, converting to decimals whenever practical: 1.5 miles not 1 ½.


FREELANCE (v. and adj.) freelancer (n.)


FULL-TIME, FULL TIME – Hyphenate as an adjective: He is a full-time employee. In all other uses, two words, no hyphen: He works full time