User Interface | The Ribbon

Sitecore offers users a number of options, which are organized into categories in tabs at the top of the ribbon. Browse the sections below to learn more about each tab on the Sitecore ribbon.

At the far left there is a red Sitecore button, and underneath it, the Save button, which remains constant independent of the tab selected. Use the red Sitecore button to sign out of the application.

The Ribbon Structure

Tabs - the interface contains tabs at the top of the ribbon.

Ribbon Interface Tabs Screenshot


Groups - each tab is divided into groups labeled in white text along the bottom of the ribbon.

Ribbon Interface Groups Screenshot


Commands – each Group is further subdivided into Commands for each individual action.

Ribbon Interface Commands Screenshot

The Versions tab tracks the last 10 saved versions of a page.

Ribbon Versions Tab Screenshot

Each time a change is made to a page and saved, Sitecore saves the previous version, up to a maximum of ten iterations.  A record of each version is kept with information about who make changes and when those changes were made.  Versions cam be compared or deleted.

Versions displays all the version information about the current page and contains these commands:
  • Add creates a new version.
  • Compare brings up a side-by-side comparison between two versions.
  • Remove deletes a version of the page shown. To display a version, click the down arrow beside the version number that appears in the upper-right corner of the page.

Even without making changes to a page, each time a page is selected for editing, the version number increases.