User Interface

User Interface | Understanding the Content Tree

When the Sitecore editor panel opens, you will see a list of files in the left-hand column.  This is called the Content Tree, and it contains all the content on the Web sites.  

The content tree is simply a hierarchical list of nested folders and files. Its structure mirrors the navigation structure of the live Web sites.

A top-level page (like MD) contains sub folders (like About Us) that in turn contains all the pages in the About Us section. 

Explore the Content Tree's structure by clicking around. You can:

  • Expand the tree by clicking on the “+” beside each folder.  
  • Collapse the tree by clicking on the “-” beside each folder.

Individual web pages can be found by expanding the nested folders in the tree. Follow the URL of the page or group of pages to be edited.  For example, to edit the Dean's Office pages at, expand these folders in the following order:

Content Tree Screenshot
Some files may have read-only access to certain pages depending on the editorial rights of the assigned user role.  Contact a supervisor or manager to obtain the correct access.