Publishing and Workflow


Workflow is a built-in series of steps that allows users to submit their work to an approver who in turn reviews the content.  It ensures that users have a process to control access, enforce quality, automatically version items, and provide approval prior to publishing.

The standard process includes a series of steps for users to submit their work to an approver who in turn reviews the content.  The approver can either approve it for publication or send it back for revision.

Workflow States

  • Draft – users create content in Sitecore
  • Awaiting Approval – content is ready for review and possible approval for publication.  Also prevents content modification until there is an approval or rejection action.
  • Approved – content is pushed into publication


Publishing is a form of content promotion that copies content from the “work in progress” site (known as the Content Management Server) to the “live” site (Content Delivery Server).

After editing is complete, there are several recommended steps to follow prior to publishing the content.  Note that command access will vary based on user role.

Save the Document

  • Save (Home or any Tab > Write Group > Save Command)

Publish Screenshot

Unlock the document

  • Check In (Review Tab > Workflow Group > Check In Command)

Publish Screenshot

Preview the document

  • Preview (Publish Tab > Publish Group > Preview Command)

Publish Screenshot

Submit the document

  • Submit (Review Tab > Workflow Group > Submit Command)

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Use the pop up box to notify another Sitecore end user about the page (optional)

  • Type in an email address and message in the boxes provided
  • An email will be generated and sent. The email will include the url path to the page being submitted
  • If the recipient is any level of Sitecore user, she or he can log into the system, and review the page
  • If the recipient is a Sitecore Editor, she or he can log into the system, review the page, and elect to Approve it for publication.

Approve the document

(for Editors and above)
  • Approve (Review Tab > Workflow Group > Approve Command)
  • Note that the Submit Command will change to Approve Command upon submittal

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