Quick Start

Getting Started | Quick Start Guide

If you've already received training or just want to jump in and make some edits, follow this quick start guide.

After logging on, select a page to edit in the Content Tree (left side of the editing panel). In the Content Editor (right side of the editing panel), click the Lock and Edit text.

Editing Screenshot

In the Content section, click "Show Editor" or double click anywhere on the box. This will bring up a smaller window called the Rich Text Editor (RTE). Use this to make changes to page content.

Editing Screenshot

The Rich Text Editor window looks a bit like Microsoft Word, and has several of the same commands (bold, italics, bullets) -- you'll see a ribbon containing editing and style commands at the top of the window.  You can make changes to page content in the window.  When done, click "Accept" in the lower right corner to keep the changes and close the window. 

Click the Save icon in the upper-left corner of the user interface, directly under the red Sitecore button

Editing Screenshot

The content is now saved. Go the Publish tab in the Ribbon and click the Preview icon to review your edits.

Ribbon Publish Tab Screenshot