Editing | Using the Content Editor

After logging on, open the Content Editor and locate and select a page to edit in the content tree in the left-hand pane of the user interface.

At the top of the content editor pane, a warning box will read "You must lock this page before you can edit it."  The terminology Lock, Edit and Check Out is used interchangeably; when a page is locked it is in Edit mode and has been Checked Out.

Click the Lock and Edit text in the warning box.  Now the page is checked out and ready for editing.  This prevents page access by others attempting to modify the page at the same time.

Editing Screenshot

The Content Section

Changes can now be made to the content in the page.  In the user interface, there will be two fields within the Content section located near the top of the page:

  • Title field – allows the name of the page to be modified
  • Content field – located below the title, contains the body copy of the page.  This box is called the Rich Text Editor.

Edit Content

To edit body copy, follow these steps:

  • Locate the “Content – Primary content for the page” field within the Content section
  • Click "Show Editor" or double click the box

Editing Screenshot

  • The Rich Text Editor window will open, allowing access to the content.  A ribbon containing editing and style commands is located above the Editor box.  There is also an HTML tab at the bottom left corner of the editor window that displays HTML code.
  • Make changes directly to the content.
  • When done, click "Accept" in the lower right corner to keep the changes and close the window.  Note this is not the same as saving content.

Editing Screenshot

  • Click the Save icon in the upper-left corner of the user interface, directly under the red Sitecore button.

Editing Screenshot

The content is now saved; follow the steps in the publishing process to publish the content.