User Certification

After completing the End User training program, participants will be asked to take a short test to demonstrate their proficiency in two areas:

  • Sitecore editing basics
  • Web publishing policies and best practices

Once you pass the test, you will be a certified web publisher, and you will receive access to the production site.

The C/PR&M may not grant production access to participants who do not pass the test. Please note that an unsuccessful test result may require end user review or retraining prior to retaking the test.

Certified Web Publisher 

A Certified Web Publisher is a person who has demonstrated basic editing proficiency with the Sitecore platform. To become a SOWP, you must pass an online proficiency exam. The exam is based upon the end user training program and familiarity with Fletcher Web policies, guidelines and best practices, which are documented in this website.

We strongly recommend that you consider yourself proficient in the application before you take the exam.

Access to the production websites will be granted to all users who pass the test.