Justin St. Marie, 2017, United States

Strategy Analyst, National Grid - Waltham, MA

Why the MIB Degree at Fletcher? I chose Fletcher specifically for the MIB program. During my Peace Corps service, I discovered a strong interest in international businesses and social enterprises, and I believed Fletcher provided the environment most suitable to gain the skills needed to excel in these areas. The fact that the MIB program is within the world’s oldest and best international affairs graduate school solidifies the case for Fletcher. While I am here, I will not only strengthen the necessary managerial and analytical skills, but I will also gain expertise in development and international affairs issues that I would not have encountered at a traditional MBA program. The involvement and availability of alumni all around the world was also important to my decision. Being in Ecuador at the time of application, I did not have the chance to visit the school. Fortunately, an alumna of the MIB program was living in Quito. She reached out to me upon hearing of my admittance to the school and we were able to meet for lunch and discuss the program. This conversation was integral to finalizing my decision on where to further my education.

Diversity at Fletcher: Prior to arriving on campus, I already knew that it was an extremely diverse school and student body, but I didn’t quite realize how important the impact of that diversity would be on my education until I actually arrived. Being with such a diverse cohort, you routinely learn about countries and cultures that you previously never thought much about due to a lack of exposure. As group work and classroom participation are common in every course, I learn more about the world through these interactions than in any other manner. As an example, in my first course, Strategic Management, I worked in a group with two U.S. citizens, a Bangladeshi, and a Nigerian. Our project focused on a company based in Bangladesh and we researched the possible expansion of this company to Nigeria. It was invaluable and educational to have such a diverse group with local knowledge of the demographics and challenges that each of the countries face.

Favorite magazine
National Geographic

Favorite movie
The Godfather: Part II

Favorite food
Mexican (al pastor tacos)

Favorite landmark
The Chicago skyline

Most pressing world issue
Clean energy

Fields of Study

  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy
  • International Political Economy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Social Investment Group
  • International Business Club
  • Fletcher Latin American Group
  • Momentum Entrepreneurship Network

Education before Fletcher

  • BS, Finance, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Experience before Fletcher

  • Economic Development Volunteer, United States Peace Corps, Tabacundo, Pichincha, Ecuador
  • Credit Analyst, GATX Corporation, Chicago, IL, USA


  • Spanish
  • English