Mohammed Naqvi, 2016, United Kingdom

Management Consultant, Oliver Wyman - London, UK

Why Fletcher? I chose Fletcher for three reasons. First, I wanted to pursue a course which enabled me to plug gaps in my profile, specifically around economics, finance, and investment management. I particularly liked the school’s approach to these subjects because they couched them within a wider, global context that I knew would be relevant to my career. Second, I wanted to further my interest in Sovereign Wealth Funds, an area I had explored in my professional life as a management consultant. Fletcher had developed a network called ‘SovereigNet’ (the only one of its kind) that represented an excellent platform for me to do this – the initiative was almost tailor-made for me. Finally, I felt a genuine connection with the people I met at the school, and the culture they reflected. Here was a close-knit community that was strong, positive, and passionate about changing the world, but simultaneously open, and warm in its approach. Fletcher sounded like a fun place, and a place where I could see myself growing.

A “360 Degree Approach:" I like the 360 degree approach that Fletcher gives you to solving problems. Instead of bringing a single perspective to an issue, the Fletcher experience has encouraged me to think about different and sometimes unexpected angles. How does this happen? Fletcher constantly exposes you to a myriad of ideas from across disciplines. For example, I’m interested in Sovereign Wealth Funds and how their role is evolving in the global economy. However, rather than just think about them from a financial or economic vantage point, I’m encouraged to consider ‘ESG’ (environmental, social, and governance factors) with respect to how they operate. This focus on cross-fertilizing ideas sets the school apart, and gives me a confidence that I’m getting a distinct and worthwhile training that can’t be found elsewhere.

Favorite magazine:

The Economist

Favorite movie

The Godfather Part II (a cliché, I know)

Favorite food:


Favorite city:

New York

Moment when you felt the furthest from home:

When I left London to move to Dubai

Fields of Study

International Business Relations

International Finance & Banking

Education before Fletcher

BA, Modern History - University of Oxford

Experience before Fletcher

Management Consultant - Oliver Wyman, US, UAE