Paroma Husain, 2017, Bangladesh

Consultant, IMAGO Global Grassroots - Washington, DC

Why Fletcher? When I was researching graduate programs in international development, I had two main criteria: the curriculum had to be interesting and enjoyable, and the program had to have enough focus on building real skill sets. I was completely sold by Fletcher’s curriculum with its perfect balance between the analytical and practical sides of policymaking in global development. Having worked in microfinance for a large NGO in Bangladesh for more than three years, I developed a healthy perspective on how incredibly complex many socioeconomic problems are, and how different interventions must be integrated to achieve meaningful development. I knew by completing the intensive two year MALD program at Fletcher I would get proper training in managing development projects, evaluating programs, and formulating policies through multidisciplinary courses like Development Aid in Practice, Design Monitoring & Evaluation, and Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development. But the one thing that truly set Fletcher apart from other schools was the warmth and sincerity of the community – from staff and faculty members to current and former students. When one of my recommenders wrote to tell me that Fletcher was the only university to ever send her a thank you note, I knew this was a place where relationship-building was highly valued. I remember a Fletcher alumnus in Dhaka told me once that “Fletcher takes care of you.” I have been realizing how true that is from the moment I stepped into this amazing school!

A Quintessential Fletcher Moment: My quintessential Fletcher moment came the day I arrived on campus. A group of us were carpooling to a department store and were just getting to know each other. Though the five of us in the car came from five different countries, we all talked about how great Sean Penn was in the movie Mystic River – as we drove by the actual river!

Favorite movie:

The Constant Gardener

Favorite website: (Official website of English Premier League)

Most memorable international experience:

Visiting Tacloban, Philippines two months after Typhoon Haiyan hit

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Access to finance, extreme poverty

Favorite location on campus:

The rooftop garden

Fields of Study

Development Economics

Public and NGO Management

Activities involved in at Fletcher

International Business Club

International Development Group

Global Health Group

Education before Fletcher

Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance - University of Dhaka

Experience before Fletcher

Deputy Manager, Microfinance Programme - BRAC, Bangladesh