Carmyn Chapman, 2016 (joint degree), United States

Research Assistant, NATO Parliamentary Assembly - Brussels, Belgium

Why a Joint Degree with Fletcher? Whether you are walking through the Hall of Flags, grabbing a coffee in Mugar Café, or working late in the “Harry Potter” Reading Room, the atmosphere at Fletcher is infinitely full of determination, ambition, and enthusiasm. Fletcher students are not only extraordinarily invested in achieving their own goals, but are also actively contributing to the Fletcher community and thereby enabling others to pursue their own ambitions. In the time that I have been here, I have found that the sense of community – plus the commitment to collaboration and innovation – contributes in many ways to an inspiring professional learning environment. Although I studied international affairs as an undergraduate, my decision to enter graduate school was similar to the first steps in a career change. Prior to graduate school, I spent two exciting and personally transformational years teaching in Alabama, where I was challenged to think deeply about specific social and political issues in the United States. New perspectives and experiences – coupled with an ambition to contribute to efforts combating some of the same issues globally – led me back to international affairs. I ultimately aim for a career with the U.S. government, but have also developed a strong interest in international organizations and international security. Thus, I chose to complete my graduate studies both at home and abroad. I spent the first year of my Masters work at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in the very heart of Europe, where I was able to immerse myself in courses related to European law, politics, and history. I will now complete the second year of my Joint Degree here at The Fletcher School, where I am able and encouraged – despite my professional experience being in education – to dive right into the opportunities available for students in security studies. The Fletcher community makes it not only possible, but fun and exciting to find your niche and get involved. I am motivated each day by the new paths emerging before me.

On Not Forgetting to Have Fun: At Fletcher, students consistently reach out to one another to share opportunities, advice, or spread the word about the amazing events happening each day. The sense of community that develops as a result of this open flow of communication and mutual support demonstrates the unique campus environment. Nothing embodies this sense of connectivity more than the Social List; for all that Fletcher is academic, professional, career focused, and challenging, but we do not forget about fun. The Social List provides a forum for students to share everything from events, speakers, and relevant lectures in the Boston area to social events, offers for weekend activities, and various heartfelt or effectively sarcastic community posts. Relatedly, it is all too common – maybe facilitated by calendaring into your schedule – to spend a few quintessential Fletcher moments (or twenty), reading the Social List in awe of the opportunities available to students here, and in reverence for the creativity and artistic humor of your classmates and colleagues.

Favorite movie:

The Sound of Music or the Bourne Trilogy

Favorite city:

Cinque Terre in La Spezia (region of Liguria, Italy)

Favorite landmark:

Nubble Light House in York, Maine (USA) or Karlskirche (specifically at 6pm) in Vienna, Austria

Most memorable international experience:

A study trip in Brussels with my colleagues from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Challenges to democracy threatening international peace and security.

Fields of Study

International Security Studies

International Organizations

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Fletcher Security Review (FSR)

Fletcher Students in Security (FSIS)

Women in International Security (WIIS)

Diplomacy Club

Euro Club

Education before Fletcher

Masters of Advanced International Studies (MAIS) - Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Joint Degree)

Bachelor of Arts, International Relations (Minor in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution) - University of San Diego

Experience before Fletcher

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher - Huntsville City Schools/Teach for America (Alabama), Huntsville, Alabama

Student Intern - Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, San Diego, California