Rahul Bhatnagar, 2011, India

Adviser - Export Strategy and Competitiveness, International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

Why I chose Fletcher: Prior to Fletcher, I was a business consultant and worked with several Fortune 1000 firms on process improvement and business restructuring initiatives. My last project was spent in business development helping my firm acquire new business. These experiences have molded my personality and provided me with a lens to see the world. I chose Fletcher because of my passion for international development and my ambition to forge a career in private sector capacity development in post-conflict areas of the world. I am convinced that Fletcher is the best place to learn the tools of development trade. The professors are world class and current practitioners in the field. Fletcher receives you as the raw material and instills in you the skill-set that you need to succeed in your chosen field.

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher: When I first arrived at Fletcher, the diversity before me in terms of my peers was baffling, and a bit intimidating. I wasn't sure how soon it would be before I started connecting with people. Diversity abounds at Fletcher - in terms of languages, cultures, professional backgrounds, you name it. I have come to realize that there is something in the Fletcher environment that encourages camaraderie. Any given day I would walk up to at least one person that I did not know at Fletcher and introduce myself and vice versa. Countless lunch sit-downs and social hours later, I now know that the diversity itself encourages the Fletcher family to band together.

Favorite newspaper:

New York Times

Favorite website:


Favorite landmark:

St. Charles Bridge, Prague

Most rewarding trip:

A 6700 mile road trip around the US in my Jeep

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

SW Asian Conflict - Pakistan/Afghanistan

Fields of Study

  • International Organizations
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • United Nations Club
  • Fletcher Running Club
  • International Business Club

Education before Fletcher

  • MS, Software Engineering, Clemson University
  • BE, Software Engineering, Pune University

Experience before Fletcher

  • CGN & Associates, Consulting Manager - Chicago, IL


  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • French
  • Dutch
  • English

Summer Internship

  • United Nations Development Programme, Democratic Governance Unit - New Delhi, India