Public Speaking @ Fletcher

Presentation Tutors

Developing strong public speaking and presentation skills is an essential part of your Fletcher education. Whether you are preparing for a class presentation, a panel discussion, or a guest lecture, your ability to express yourself clearly and articulately will be vital to your success.

Presentation Tutors are now available to those within the Fletcher community who seek help and guidance with presentation and public speaking preparation. We provide individualized, one-on-one support for students who would like to:

  • Create, practice or polish an oral presentation
  • Learn techniques to strengthen their personal speaking style (body and voice)
  • Learn how to use PowerPoint effectively in presentations
  • Overcome fears, gain personal confidence, and develop a smooth, polished speaking style

Individual help is available for any type of presentation. We will work with you on any stage in the process, from brainstorming your ideas, to overcoming anxieties, to organizing your information, to rehearsing your delivery.

You can reserve an individual session with a tutor by e-mailing Mary Dulatre, Assistant Director of Student Affairs.  

Communication Courses

The Arts of Communication

The Arts of Communication is the first course to be offered at the Fletcher School entirely focused on public speaking.  This course is intended to turn you into a more persuasive and effective public speaker – someone who speaks with the ease, confidence, clarity, and modes of persuasion that are critical in today’s corporate, nonprofit, policy and diplomacy worlds. The course will cover a range of speaking scenarios, from podium speeches on your deep values to simulations of a press conference or media interview on camera. The course helps you develop your own personal style by deepening your understanding of the persuasive tools, recommendations, refutations, modes of analysis, and variations in audiences that motivate listeners to turn business, policy and diplomacy ideas into action. 
The course is valuable both for students without strong public speaking backgrounds who wish to develop a basic rhetorical foundation and sense of ease in delivering public speeches and other presentations, and also for strong speakers who wish to push their skill in this important area to the next level. This module of Arts of Communication is thus useful for both novice and experienced speakers. 

The Arts of Communication is available as a full semester course and as modular course that begins in the second half of the semester.  Current Fletcher student can enroll on SIS.