Ambarin Sultana, 2019, Bangladesh, Canada

On choosing Fletcher: I first heard about The Fletcher School from my aunt Sarwar Sultana, herself a Fletcher alumna, when I was very young. During the final year of undergraduate in 2014, I seriously began looking into the school. While completing my undergraduate degree, I knew that I wanted to pursue an academic career in international relations, but I didn’t know what else to look for. I furiously scribbled notes in a red notebook, weighing everything from the flexibility of programs, to the courses I could take in each school, to networking opportunities - right down to names of professors! As I did my research, I found that Fletcher was my dream graduate school, and the MALD was the ideal program. I appreciated the emphasis that the school put on practical experience and the professional atmosphere  at Fletcher. The two-year MALD program ensured that I would be able to make the most of an extensive education, and the fields of study would give me the opportunity to focus on specializing in what I felt passionately about. Every day, I have a moment where I think "wow, I'm actually at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy" - and I don't think that's ever going to change.

On the Fletcher community: Since coming to Fletcher, I have been exposed to people from so many walks of life with incredibly diverse backgrounds and experiences. There isn't a single person whose journey I have not found awe-inspiring. Every day, I am given the opportunity to learn more about the politics, cultures and societies of various countries inside and outside of the classroom. I have found comfort and belonging with my friends from all over the world. In class, I'm exposed to the knowledge of some of the most brilliant minds in international relations and have the privilege of sharing my own experiences. In the short time I have been here, I have come to love the sense of community and camaraderie that is so unique to the Fletcher experience. That, coupled with stimulating courses and reading material, is what has made Fletcher a truly unique and befitting experience for me.

Favorite book
To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite food
Kachhi biryani

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
Gender-based violence; international, regional/South-South cooperation


Best place to study
Harry Potter room at Ginn Library


Favorite lecture attended
Mac Maharaj, "The Challenge of Peace-Making and the Pursuit of Justice"

Fields of Study

Gender Analysis in International Studies

International Organizations

Activities at Fletcher

International Development Group

Fletcher Global Women

Education before Fletcher

Combined Bachelor of Arts (double major), Peace Studies & Political Science, McMaster University

Experience before Fletcher

Private Sector and SDG Support Officer, UNDP Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Database Support Officer, UNDP Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Intern, UNDP Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh